Geocache Diet – Day 41

I have now been geocaching for 41 straight days and in that time I have found 126 geocaches.  If I include the caches found prior to starting the Geocache Diet, I have now found 257 different geocaches.  This number is far from impressive compared to long time geocachers and I definitely have not seen everything, but I am starting to collect a list of my favourite and least favourite type of caches.  The caches I enjoy the most must allow me to get involved in the process of finding the cache, and/or provide a sense of real accomplishment when I finally find it.  To be among my favourites the cache has to either take me to a location that is worth visiting, or has to challenge me in some way.

Here is my list with some of my favourite and least favourite types of caches I have found so far.


  • Any cache that brings you to a hidden gem.  I am relatively new to the area and to be able to find the ultimate swimming hole, hidden waterfall, magical forest hike, or the out of the way million dollar view, is probably my favourite kind of cache available.  It does not matter how the cache is hidden when you get to discover a new treasure.
  • Any cache that has been hidden with good camouflage.  There are the ones hidden in plain view inside containers that seem like they fit in the environment.  These can be hidden in plastic rocks, realistic looking animals, artificial plants, fake metal screws, or just about anything.  Some of these can be annoying and require multiple trips, but they usually make me smile once I finally find them.
  • Any cache that makes you think.  These can be the tricky puzzle caches or any other that make you think or make you research something you would have never have known about otherwise.   I always like making it seem like I am smart even though it has taken me hours when it should have been minutes.
  • Micros in busy areas.  OK I must admit that I used to hate these but for some reason I enjoy these now.  This must be due to the fact that these take me so far out of my comfort zone that I feel real accomplishment when I make the find.

Least Favourites

  • Caches hidden in a pile of rocks.  These can be challenging, no doubt, but they can also be just mean.  I am usually frustrated when I am looking and I don`t feel satisfied if I find them.  These are good hides, don`t get me wrong, I just don`t like them.
  • Rusted out cars and farm equipment(or anything rusty).  Another good hiding spot but for some reason these just give me the creeps and I tend to give up too easy.
  • I use to like caches hidden under bridges but I am starting to dislike them now.  My growing disdain for caches hidden in bridges may be caused by doing too many in muddy winter conditions.  I like going for a hike and getting all wet and muddy, but sliding down a bank to look under a bridge I do not enjoy so much.  Maybe again they are too dark and creepy.
  • Easy caches in boring areas.  Since I am trying to get out and geocache everyday without driving too far each day I cannot be selective of where I cache.  If I am going to walk in an area that has no aesthetic quality I at least want to be somewhat challenged.
  • I dislike walking in clear-cut forests.  I think people should see these as I feel our foresting practices have to improve but it makes me sad.  It would be like geocaching in a badly run zoo.

In actuality any time spent outdoors geocaching, even at ones I do not enjoy, is better than being stuck indoors watching some mindless TV show.  I must say that in our area there are far more caches I like then dislike.  There are some pretty excellent and challenging caches about (a seven-part multi-cache was published yesterday which I will have to try soon).  I am also sitting on a few ideas I would like to turn into geocaches for other people to look for.  I hope to get these hidden soon as that is part of the deal when geocaching.

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