Geocache Diet – Day 44

One of my main concerns when I started the Geocache Diet was wondering if I had enough time to fit in the amount of exercise I wanted to include into my routine.  I had chosen hiking and geocaching for the exercise portion as I enjoy it and I always seem to get a boost of energy after I return from my hike.  I have always been an explorer so hitting the trails or meandering through the streets of a town is a wonderful way to exercise and be rejuvenated.   Before I went ahead with the challenge I looked at my daily schedule and what I could replace with the increased exercise.  When you are working and looking after 3 kids under 5, your days do not include much spare time.  I decided to proceed with the Geocache Diet and my schedule was revised and the amount of hours sitting at a computer working in a week was reduced.  While I was pretty confident that I would be able get my work done, I have been pleasantly surprised that I have been able to get more done than I did before starting the Geocache Diet.

I knew that there was going to be benefits beyond getting in shape and losing weight.  Compared to my more stationary days I have been a more alert, a little more articulate, and a little nicer to be around (which I didn’t think was possible).  While working at the computer or working around the house I am more productive than I used to.  There were two things that I did that increased my productivity.  The first one was just spend time each day having fun and getting exercise.  I feel much more alive when I exercise daily and the exercise I chose is something so enjoyable that I will do whatever I can to make sure I do it.  The second reason for my increased productivity is that I am working smarter.  I removed a lot of work related tasks that really were not doing anything other than take my precious time.  It is amazing how many time consuming tasks we add into our daily routine that have very little benefit.  I may go into this in future blogs but this one is supposed to be about the geocache diet.

The point is that exercise can be often pushed out of your daily routine when your life gets busy.  Identify which physical activities you enjoy the most and would love to do on a regular basis.  Look at your schedule closely and fight with it to get rid of the stuff that does not benefit you as much as exercise would.  Since our work and family schedule is different each day Lisa and I always talk about the next day`s schedule before we go to sleep.  Today I was out walking at 6:30am as that was the best fit.  While I was walking this morning I actually wrote an outline for this blog and another one I am working on.   I am not sure when I will get out walking tomorrow but I do know that I will go and my work, the important stuff, will get done as well.

After a couple week stall with regards to my weight loss goal I am now back on track.  I lost 4 lbs last week and have now lost 19 lbs since starting the Geocache Diet.  I think I am starting to get into a bit of a weight-loss groove and I think I should be able to start losing at a consistent rate.  That is the plan anyway.

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