Geocache Diet – Day 54

A trip down Vancouver Island to visit our parents resulted with Lisa and I having a few days to ourselves and we took advantage of it:  Boy did we ever!!  We left early each day and returned late while we walked, shopped, ate, and geocached.  In first two days alone we walked over 20km and found 23 geocaches.  Most importantly however we were able to enjoy each other’s company not as parents but as a couple.  Our days were spent wandering the streets of the city we both grew up in, Victoria BC, and geocaching allowed us to see it from a different perspective.

It has been a good 13 years since Lisa and I spent this much time meandering around the streets and parks of Victoria, which is one of the best tourist cities in Canada.  Even though we were out all day it was not the action packed tourist route that many visitors try to do in Victoria.  Instead we just found a place to leave the car each morning, and kind of drifted through the city.  We did not go to any tourist attractions, we just wandered, then sat, then wandered, then ate, then talked, and browsed, and wandered, and ate… all while finding a pile of geocaches.  This type of exploring a place has been labelled slow travel and without realizing it, this is our preferred way to see a place.  We have spent many days similar to this on all our trips as we slow down to try and get the feel of what a place is all about.  With Geocaching we can take the principles of slow travel to a whole new level.  Do you want to get some exercise, learn some history, see some off the tourist route sights, slow down, and really appreciate the place you are visiting?  Let Geocaching be your guide.

There is not much more to say about our visit to Victoria.  The brochures at the visitor centre would argue that we did not see much at all, but this was a couple of the most enjoyable ‘tourist’ days we have enjoyed in a while.  Maybe we were just really overdue for some time away together.  Today we are taking the kids to a park because… well we kind of missed them and want to spend some time with them.  Of course there are some good geocaches for kids at the park we are going to.

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