Geocache Diet – Day 57

I am eight weeks into the Geocache cache diet and things are going pretty good.  As a reward to myself I thought I would look at some statistics (math makes me happy).

I have lost 21lbs and although I know I could be closer to my goal at this point I am OK with this amount (nothing I can do about it now) and I know what it will take to accelerate the weight-loss.  I have completed 15% of the 1 year period I allocated for losing 100lbs and I have lost 21% of the weight.  Looking at these numbers and I know I have to be diligent the next 4 weeks as the closer I get to my goal the harder it will be lose each pound.  The hardest challenge for me is to keep my focus on eating well when family life gets hectic.

In order to make sure I get daily exercise I set a distance goal of 2500km in a year.  I need to average 6.85km each day on foot which is a pretty easy task if I have unlimited free time, but I am finding that it can be challenging to fit this into a busy day especially when my exercise includes looking for geocaches.  That being said I am averaging 6.63km each day which currently puts me 12.7km behind where I should be.  I did expect that I would be behind a bit at this part as early on in the diet as I am a slower walker then I will be and I am tempted by a higher density of geocaches on the trails.  As well the best times to get out walking in my schedule is early morning and late evening and there is simply not enough daylight during winter months.  During the next month or two I will try and hold the 7km a day target and then increase this during the summer months.  The best news is that I still have over 2100km to go and that means a lot more trail exploration.

Now the fun challenge; geocaches found.  I chose 1000 finds mainly since it was an attainable number without having to drive too far away from home and I thought it went well with my distance goal.  I have to average 2.5km traveled on foot for every geocache found.  So far this has been the biggest trick as I have a hard time not creating a route around finding as many caches as possible.  As a result I am now on pace to find almost 1200 geocaches in the year and I am only walking 2km for each cache found.  As time goes on and I continue to reduce the inventory of caches left to find I know I will have to walk further for each cache.  That being said I have decided to slow down the next week and not find too many.

I have found a geocache in 58 straight days and I think I will try and continue this streak but I will not be going for multiple finds each day.  Does this mean that I am going to go out for non-geocaching walks?  Not at all; I will still be geocaching but I will be repaying a debt to my fellow geocachers.  These fine people have spent their time hiding these caches for me to find and it is now time to repay the favour.  I think I now have some pretty good ideas for some locations that need a cache or two and maybe even a couple creative geocaches as well.  The next week I will be walking to town to get some supplies, walking geocache-poor trails to get some hiding spots and to ultimately hiding some geocaches of my own.  Other than the distance I walk, hiding caches does not count towards my goals but it is an enjoyable activity and an important part of geocaching.

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  1. Doug Walker
    March 16, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    21 pounds is AWESOME Martin. I love the idea of your geocache diet, it sounds like a great way to lose some weight.

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