Geocache Diet – Day 60

197 Geocaches Found – 404km on foot – 21lbs lost!

Two months into the Geocache Diet and I thought I would provide some more random thoughts from the Geocaching weight loss trail.

I am torn about my feelings about walking in the forest while it is raining.  On one hand you get all muddy and wet which always lifts my spirits but forests are scarier in the rain when you are by yourself.  You cannot see very far down the trail or hear anything creeping up behind you when it is stormy and wet.   There are the rare times where the weather clears about a half hour after pouring with rain.  Pure magic!

Some people have been asking me if I am just choosing to find all the easy caches to make sure I reach my totals.  My answer is no.  If I am going to be out geocaching almost every day than I want some variety and to be challenged.  I am doing my fair share of puzzle caches, multi caches, and ones of higher terrain.  There are some very creative people who are geocachers and I want to see what they will come up with next.

I got my first ‘You look like you are losing weight’ the other day.  My Mom always knows how to cheer me up.  My sister actually said the same thing a few days later which was quite a shock.  Mom must have paid her off.

The other day I came to the realization that there are some similarities with the emotions involved with geocaching and peeing in the woods.  There is the anxiety of not wanting to get caught, the sense of relief when you succeed with your goal and the sense of exhilaration when you are all done.  People may not appreciate it if you try for a double thrill and do both at the same time… and no I am not talking from experience.

Why do some people decide to hide smallish size geocaches that are wrapped up in jumbo sized garbage bags?

This morning was magic.  I was out walking at sunrise and it was a scene that made me forget about exercising for a while and just sit down to enjoy the moment.  I was surrounded by coastal rainforest, with the mist, the sea, the trees, and even an eagle hovering around was uplifting.  I know guys are not supposed to get emotional with these types of things (or tell people that forests are scary in the rain) but I guess I am past the fear of showing a sensitive side.  I will admit that the whole way home I had a smile on my face while I hummed Sarah McLachlan’s Ordinary Miracle.

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  1. Blackfox07
    March 17, 2010 at 11:32 pm

    Hi Martin.
    I met you and your family at the Campbell River Geocaching 101 event a couple of months ago (our kids had a blast checking out the coins together) and I just wanted to let you know that I’m having a blast following your blog. It’s great to hear your side of things and I think it’s an awesome thing you’re doing. I know what you’re saying about peeing in the bush while caching. I can’t take the Littlefox out caching with out an impromptu whiz in the bush. It’s always an ordeal and caching just wouldn’t be the same without this customary event!

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