Geocache Diet – Day 64

I had some free time this morning so I decided to do some math.  I had a feeling that I may have walked further this week than in past weeks and I was correct.  I beat my record by over 6km.  Not coincidently I also found fewer caches this week than any other week (kept my cache a day streak alive however).  Just imagine how far I could go if I didn’t look for any caches.  That may be a good idea except then this wouldn’t be the geocache diet and I would just be someone who gets up far too early to walk a lot.  This week I went on some cache hiding research trips, the weather was good, and I was full of energy.  I even jogged down the trail a little bit though this because I was late getting home so Lisa could take Annika to preschool and prevent her from breaking into tears because she missed the welcome song.  I had a bit too much energy prior to jogging as I was bounding around in the woods trying to find a cache, which I never found (reason why I was late), when I failed to clear a bush and I stumbled and split open my shorts.  Luckily I only encountered a few preoccupied cyclists as I sprinted back to the car with my shorts flailing in the wind.  This mixture of positives and negatives kind of sums up where I find myself right now with the Geocache Diet.  There are positives like being full of energy and having the ability to jog a short distance without blacking out but I am still too heavy to do a summersault over a bush in the woods without turning shorts into a miniskirt.

Yes, I am getting a lot of exercise however I am painfully slowly losing weight.  I want the weight loss to be a part of a lifestyle change and I want good eating habits to be second nature where I can make good eating choices on the fly and not constantly feel like I am on a diet.  The past two weeks I have been trying to make these good choices while we visited the family and had guests over.  What did two weeks of eating out too much, eating someone else’s food and trying to be a good host tell me about my ability to try and lose weight without a plan?  I am not ready yet to be left alone without a planned menu.

Back to square one.  I need to make sure I plan out what I am going to be eating each day.  We are not travelling or having company for a while so I should be able to get into a better rhythm and hopefully lose some weight.  I have to go now and buy a pair of shorts.

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