Geocache Diet – Day 67

I have always considered myself a finder and not a hider.  It was going out to interesting places and seeking for caches that got me hooked on Geocaching.  While I acknowledged that hiding caches is an integral part of being a geocacher I was never very interested in hiding caches.  As a Geocaching team we hid 3 caches prior to starting the Geocache Diet but this was more Lisa’s doing.  Now two months into the Geocache diet I thought I should pay my debt to the local geocaching community and hide a few caches.  I had intentions of hiding 2 or 3 caches but I have since gotten a bit carried away.  I have hidden 4 caches the past few days with 4 more ready to hide in the next couple plus I have a bunch more ideas in reserve. 

One of the "Creatures"


Who knew that hiding boxes in the woods would be so much fun?  I have enjoyed coming up with fun ideas as well as looking for great locations just begging for a cache to be hidden.  A few weeks back I really got thinking about a multi-cache which would involve looking for ‘creatures’ in the woods.  The idea was to find the first stage which would give the cacher locations for 3 different figurines that are hidden within a maze of trails.  Two of these ‘creatures’ would be dead ends while one of them would lead them to the final location.  While working on this idea, and searching for the perfect location, I started getting other ideas that were easier to finish.  The end result was the original geocache idea, a mystery cache based on the 3 creatures of the other cache (to give incentive to find all 3 creatures), a walking tour of our local town, plus 5 caches placed near some of my favourite beaches in the area.  I think I better stop for a while and start finding a few more. 

Hiding caches has been far more time consuming then I expected.  There is gathering the proper materials, scouting the locations on various walks, planning the stages on the multi or mystery caches, and then finding the perfect hiding spots.  I am not a perfectionist normally but for some reason I have been very meticulous with hiding caches.  I hope they turned out OK and will be enjoyed.  I have to turn my focus away from hiding for a while as I am getting mildly obsessed.  Just in case I find the perfect spot to hide a cache however, I am now carrying around 3 ready to hide caches.  I need help.

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