Geocache Diet – Day 7

On Day 4 of the Geocache Diet I mentioned not liking geocaching where I could be caught it the act.  Caching in the dark is another activity that is outside my comfort zone.  Unfortunately since I am unable to geocache mid-day every day I have to go out first thing in the morning or in the evening.  In Canada during the winter those times of the day are dark.  The last three days we have had company and my caching times have been limited to before everyone gets up.  Each Day I was out the door at or before 6am and back around 8am, just in time for the sunrise and breakfast.

On Day 5 and Day 7 (which was today) I did some urban caches.  Geocaches found in town are usually micro caches (very small container no bigger than a film canister) and are quite often concealed within a busy area.  I found some clever magnetized containers today attached to a street light pole in plain sight, but yet not obvious to non-cachers.  Geocaching for these micro containers is quite a different experience then looking for the larger containers that are hidden in the woods.  I used to avoid the micro caches but now I have grown to appreciate them for what they are.  Once you have done a few urban micros than you catch on to the concept and can spot most of them quite quickly.  I do not bring the kids along when I look for micros as they don’t contain any items to trade in them.  Annika especially gets upset if we go looking for an empty ‘treasure box’.  She calls them adult caches and she would prefer to spend her time looking for ‘kid caches’.

Yesterday, again out before sunrise, I did a night cache.  I was particularly proud to find this one as it was quite a challenge.  First I had to solve a rather hard puzzle which led me to a trail-head.  Once I arrived to the trail-head I turned on my flashlight to look for a reflective marker.  The idea is to follow the reflective markers down the trail until you find the end marker and the cache.  It sounds simple but making your way down scary dark woods following markers that lead you to multiple dead ends and around in circles is not an easy task.  It was getting light out and I was pretty hungry when I finally discovered the cache.  From solving the puzzle and making a couple of attempts on the final location this one cache took me probably 5-6 hours to find in total.  I think I need more mornings of urban micros where I can find 4 in an hour.

The twins turned 2 yesterday and we had a little party.  While it was a lot of fun, today we needed to get outside as a group and go for a walk.  I chose a trail that just happened to have a cache on it (imagine that).  It was a very nice walk, grandma and grandpa came too, and we all found the cache together.  Annika was very happy that this was a ‘kid cache’. Tomorrow is my first weigh in to see if I have actually lost anything on my first week.

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