Geocache Diet – Day 70

The streak is over.  After finding at least one geocache in each of the last 67 days yesterday I failed to find a single geocache.  I guess I should feel a bit disappointed that I was not able to carry the streak further but I am actually relieved.  Finding a geocache a day was never a goal of the geocache diet; it was just something born out of my competitive nature.  The idea of finding a geocache each and every day does fit somewhat with the geocache diet as it is a symbol of going out each day but it is kind of an artificial goal.  Even though I did not find one I still went out geocaching.  I walked 7km, hid one geocache, and did look for one before I ran out of time.  Sure I did not find any towards my goal but I did get out exercising.  Now I don’t have to have the added pressure to find a geaocache each day and I can just go out geocaching while hiking.  When all is said and done, in order to meet my other goals, the number of days without finding a geocache will be few and far between.  Going out geocaching was not supposed to be the challenge, it was supposed to be the fun incentive to get out and exercise regularily.  I have to focus on the real goal of this challenge; the only one that really matters.  I need to start losing some more weight.

I am apprehensive about tomorrows weigh in.  I have been struggling with consistency with my eating habits.  I have let myself get busy and I have a hard time eating well when I have many other things to think about.  When I have a lot on my mind, including some unknown that makes me nervous, I tend to mindlessly eat.  When I am lost in my thoughts the food just seems to disappear from my plate.  I have tried to be more organized with planning our meals and this has worked to an certain extent, but I had too many weak moments lately and I am not losing any significant weight.  We wrote up a very healthy menu and stuck to it but the issue for me is not always quality of food.  I love healthy foods, I just eat too much of it.  For me it is all about portions and not making my snacks the size of meals which I do when I am thinking about something else.

I have to get my portions under control if I am going to even come close to my weight loss goal.  I still have lots of time to accomplish my goal but time is passing by far too quickly and if I do not figure out how to eat smaller amounts then it will be a lost cause.

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  1. March 28, 2010 at 9:44 am

    I don’t know. I may be way off the mark here, as everyone is different. My thoughts:

    1. Stop worrying about that weight goal, and even about portions. Throw the scales away, or at least put them far in the back of the cupboard.

    2.Put healthy foods into your body, and don’t deprive yourself. If you still feel hungry, eat more. Think of it as being kind to your body.

    3. Keep the goal of getting out every day for exercise. That’s a great one, and the more you can make it fun, the better.

    4. Set another goal to get sufficient rest. That is a huge one for me. In the end, even if it takes more time to reach your goal, I think your body, sufficiently rested and nourished, will let you know when it is satisfied, and when it needs more.

    5. A few excellent foods: Olympic no fat organic plain yogurt. It is a wonderful salad dressing, all on its own, goes great with fruit (defrosted frozen blueberries and raspberries are yummy!) for desserts, and will keep your bones strong. I also drink Olympic organic skim milk (or at least use it to make lattes, which I love).

    6. You may want to think about cutting out refined sugar. Go for fruit – lots of it – as much as you can eat, instead. Dates, apples, pears, mangos, berries, kiwis, whatever ones you enjoy. Don’t think of it as depriving yourself of sugar. Think of it, again, as treating your body with the respect it deserves. Lara bars make a great treat – do you know about them?

    7. Don’t worry about fat content – just try to make it good fat. If you like avocados, eat them. A fellow, Brendan Brazier, an athlete, as written a book called: The Thrive Diet. You may want to google him for ideas about good fats.

    8. Look for other veggies that you find delicious as well: yams, squash, beets, ones with colour to add to the greens.

    Good luck. I continue to enjoy the honesty and introspection in your writing.

    • March 28, 2010 at 9:00 pm

      Thank for your well thought out comments. I will look into the thrive diet and take some of your food suggestions. For the most part I am followiing a lot of these principles. I will still do the weekly weigh-ins because it is a part of this challenge I have set out for myself but I will try not to dwell on it or worry about it.

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