Geocache Diet – Day 73

For the first time since starting the Geocache Diet I experienced the thrill of finding a cache before anyone else.  Finding a cache before anyone is a competitive business and my daily schedule, the desire to go everywhere on foot, plus my natural lack of speed, does not make me very suited for the first-to-find (FTF) game.  The moment a geocache gets published the computers, cell phones, and other electronic device of each die hard FTF’r goes nuts as this is the call for action.  With their GPSr in hand they jump into a car and drive as close to the location as they can get before rushing to the cache location as fast as possible.  This is usually how it happens anyway but for me to get a FTF, and I got two yesterday, things have to go my way; a lot of things.  Here are the mean reasons why I was able to claim double FTF glory.

1)       The most hard core local FTF king was out of town.  This left hard core FTF’s that live in neighbouring towns, and slightly less hard core FTF’s that live in town.

2)      Both caches were located on the same trail a fair distance from the nearest trail-head.

3)      Both caches were published after sunset so this ruled out anyone who did not want to spend nearly 2 hours in the woods at night.

4)      Both caches were published on a very stormy night.

5)      There were other caches published at the same time which required little walking from the car.

These things contributed with both caches still not being found when I awoke the next morning.  I was heading out for a walk anyway, though not in the woods, so I decided that I would try to find these.  I arrived at the trail-head well before sunrise and I sat in the car until I could at least see a little ways down the trail.  There were no other cars here so I was pretty sure I had a clear path to the caches.  I was a bit uneasy going that deep in the woods before proper daylight but it was a very enjoyable and uneventful hike.  I stopped worrying about the possibility of bears once I had the first cache in hand and I practically skipped down the trail after both were found.  It will be a long time before the stars align in my favour again so I will enjoy the moment now.

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