Geocache Diet – Day 76

Have you ever been in a beautiful forest, an untamed beach, or anywhere that seems miles away from it all only to pass someone yakking on a cell phone?  What about the early morning nature walk where the birds are in full song and the person you pass is listening to their iPod?  I always think:  Leave the electronics at home and enjoy the beauty around you.  Oh the irony as I am now spending every day hiking around some beautiful scenery while staring at my GPS receiver.  Am I better than the lady who is texting her friends while sitting by a waterfall or the boy who is playing his portable gaming system while camping?

Can you bring in a hi-tech device to the wild and not lose the purpose or can it even enhance it?  After all my time of criticizing people who bring these gadgets into the woods I am spending so much staring at a small screen.  With my GPSr I can read cache descriptions and read peoples comments so I have caught myself walking in the woods trying to solve a puzzle cache or planning the next day’s hike.  What have I missed by being so wrapped up in geocaching?  I am sure it is a small amount compared to the places I have seen because of geocaching.   From now on I will not criticize the nature yakkers, texters, and gamers, nearly as much because maybe the infusion of technology does not diminish the affect nature has on these people, because after all, they still made the effort to come out here.  If you are still critical of technology in the wild, fine, I won’t tell you that I wrote this blog, on a bench, with my laptop, overlooking a beautiful beach.

76 days into the geocache diet and I am still having a lot of fun at this.  With the weather getting better there are more geocachers waking up from hibernation which means more caches being hidden, which is a good thing for me as I will need some new ones to find close to home as I am starting to run out. There are still lots in the area but I have found all the ones that allow me to leave the car from home.  Keep up the hiding local cachers.  Please.

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  1. Kathy aka hike n'bike
    April 3, 2010 at 6:19 pm

    It’s really hard to leave the toys home. I grew up on the edge of nature and have become so accustomed to it that I take it for granted. Sometimes we have to make an effort to turnoff the technology and just sit back and absorb nature.

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