Geocache Diet – Day 8

977 Geocaches – 2449km on foot – 96lbs – 357 Days!

I have officially started my second week on the geocache diet.  I had my first weigh in today and I was happy to see the scale reading a little less than a week ago.  I knew that I had lost weight, even though I slipped up a little at the twins birthday over the weekend, but it was still nice to see the results.  I have lost 4 lbs and I now have 96 lbs to lose.

Starting this challenge in January means a lot of walking in the rain.  Rain is just a part of living on the west coast of Canada.  If we didn’t go outside in the rain then there would be long stretches of time where we would never go outside at all.  When I was in high-school I spent a year in Australia and noticed that nation’s phobia with falling water.  I played soccer on the school team and during practice one day it started to sprinkle a little.  At the sight of the first drop our coach blew his whistle and demanded everyone get under cover.  He hardly had to blow his whistle as everyone was already running away as if red-back spiders (nasty Aussie creatures) were falling from the sky.  I just stood there dumbfounded.  I pleaded with the coach to let us play in the rain as it was cooler and the field would soften up a little, but he just laughed and said that he did not want to deal with all the letters from concerned parents if he allowed us to get wet.  I also experienced rain-phobia when we lived in Calgary.  If it is -20 degrees and snowing the traffic on the roads go the same speed as on a hot summers day, but if it is raining the traffic comes to a standstill as no one knows what to do.

Back on Vancouver Island, on my eighth day of my geocache diet, I am caching in the rain for the seventh time.  Today was probably the wettest day yet and the blowing wind made it quite chilly.  With a storm brewing the logical location to go geocaching would be a forest away from the ocean, but in my infinite wisdom I decided to hit the beach.  I chose a stunningly beautiful beach but it would have made far more sense to go here in the sunshine.  I do enjoy walking in the rain but today was a bit too much on the miserable side even for me.  I was not the only crazy west coaster that decided that the beach on a miserable day is still better than spending it at home.  I had to stop for a few minutes to see a couple hearty souls out in kayaks playing in the surf.

I persevered through the pouring rain and I was able to do 6.5 km while finding 3 caches.  I left a few caches in the area and I will return on a more suitable day for a stroll on the beach.  I think I will go inland in the woods tomorrow as rain is still in the forecast.

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