Geocache Diet – Day 81

246 Geocaches Found – 533km on foot – 24lbs lost!

So far on the Geocache Diet I have written more about Geocaching and hiking and less about what I am eating.  The Geocache diet is an exercise challenge after all but in order to lose all the weight I am hoping to I have had to alter my diet.  I have been hesitant to talk too much about my diet as there are countless number of diets out there and libraries worth of contradictory literature on nutrition and weight loss that I did not want this topic to overshadow the exercise challenge itself.  I have decided that I probably should talk about this more as this is an integral part of me getting to my target health and fitness level.  I need to concentrate on my eating habits more or I will not succeed.

Another reason why I did not want to discuss this too much is that I never wanted to consider myself to be on a diet.  All I wanted to do was alter my eating and exercise habits to a healthier lifestyle that I could maintain long term.  I always considered that most weight loss plans included too many sacrifices and once people start losing focus on what they are eating (getting busy or achieving their target weight) the old habits with less sacrifices creep back in and the weight gets put back on.  I wanted to find a new normal for myself that could allow me to live a healthy long term life without feeling like I am giving up anything.

While I am not following any diet by the letter there was one book that really seemed to relate to what I am trying to accomplish.  This is the MediterrAsian Diet by Ric Watson and Judy Thelander .  This ‘diet’ argues that the lifestyles found in Southern Asia and the Mediterranean produce the healthiest population.  Their suggestion is to foods that are commonly served in these regions, which are light on animal fats and heavy on vegetables, fish, and whole grains.  They also show how daily exercise through ‘natural movement’ like walking to the market, or gardening, is a vital part of this lifestyle as well as making some time to relax each day.  In a nutshell this diet tells us to eat more naturally, slow down, enjoy our environment, and relax a little.  When I read this book for the first time I noticed right away the comparisons to what this book was suggesting and what we are trying to accomplish in our lives.  This is what is all about.  Live a more natural life, live a slower paced life, relax, and enjoy what you have.

We are a Family who was too caught up in the pace of city life and trying to succeed in an unfullfilling career and are now trying to navigate towards a more balanced, slower pace of life.  It is good for us to repeat this goal and to not lose focus on what we are trying to accomplish.  The Geocache Diet is a critical part of helping us to ‘navigate’ towards this goal as it tackles the one part that is the most difficult for me to achieve.  Getting in touch with nature, slowing down, relaxing, while not always easy with a young family, is something we have done well so far.  On the other hand now is the time for me to concentrate on what, and how much, I put into my body, to obtain a healthy lifestyle.  Over the coming weeks I will continue to talk about my experiences with hiking and geocaching but I will also include more about steps I am taking to lose weight and get to that level of health I so very much want to obtain and maintain.

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  1. Tanya
    April 30, 2010 at 9:43 am

    Congratulations Martin! When I lost my weight back in my mid-twenties, I intuitively used an Asian-styled ‘diet’ as you describe here. Mind you, it was the exercise combined with the diet that made the difference… and 25 pounds is a great deal!!! Good for you. I’m glad you’re finding a holistic and fun way to do this, and to include your family in the process.

    ~Tanya 🙂

    p.s. I kept the weight off for 3 years, only put on about 5-10 pounds after 5 years, but gained some in the last years of my marriage to Wayne due to financial and other stresses. The key is to relax and enjoy life – and the whole family has to accept this. It may mean ‘having’ less, but I believe it means receiving the WORLD!

    … I also think our generation was brought up when accumulating ‘things’ was the main goal, as jobs and money were good, so they took that opportunity. Now, we seem to have so many material items that the value is finally coming back to the soul and it’s needs.

    Feed your soul!

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