Geocache Diet – Day 84

I got into geocaching because I like to explore & discover.  When I was first introduced to travel bugs (or other trackables like geocoins) I thought that it was a cute sideshow act to geocaching but nothing I would take too seriously.  I have gotten much more interested in travel bugs and now I actively try to help any travel bug I find reach its goal.  I have always loved hearing tales from the road and reading about the adventures some travel bugs have taken can be quite entertaining.  I only dream to be able to go to as many places as some travel bugs.

Travel bugs are essentially any small item with a tracking number attached to them.  When a geocacher finds one of these travel bugs in a cache they can retrieve it and quickly move it on to another geocache.  Before releasing travel bugs the owner of the travel bug writes up a specific mission and finders of the geocache will try and help the travel bug succeed in its mission.  Many of the missions are to just travel as far as possible and we can help with that as well. While it is a simple idea and sounds a bit dull it is actually interesting to find some of these travel bugs and see where they have been and how successful that has been on their mission.  Some travel bugs succeed on their mission while others have a little more trouble.  I once found a bug that had originated in California and was supposed to travel to the Caribbean.  Over a year later it was still on its way though it now had twice as far to go and it had already travelled to Hawaii and Alaska.  A couple weeks our family released our first four travel bugs into our new geocaches.  Hopefully they will have some interesting stories to tell in the coming months and (hopefully) years.

Here are our travel bugs that are very early on in their adventures.  

Another week of lost potential with the geocache diet.  I did not do too well over Easter and I have continued to make some bad eating choices.  I am not in the mood to dwell on this today.  The weather is great and I need to get outside.  I am too determined to succeed and I know I will get this figured out soon.

I haven’t felt this sore since the first week of the geocache diet.  I was up early yesterday and walked almost 10km before everyone else woke up.  I then spent the rest of the morning, and part of the afternoon, digging in the garden and chasing the kids in the yard.  After dinner the whole family went for another walk as the weather was just fantastic.  It was a great day but I am feeling it today.  No rest for me as we have to take advantage of the sun when we can.  Continuing to be active is the best way to treat sore muscles anyway.

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  1. Cousin Karen
    June 11, 2010 at 10:49 am

    The geocaching is really interesting. I sort of heard the word a few years ago and had NO idea what it was. Then there was a short article in the Readers Digest about it. It’s a neat hobby. Good luck to you Martin on the diet. I’m glad Lisa is benefiting too.

    When ever I see pictures of your family all I can think is those kids are SOoooooo cute. Remind me of the Campbell Kids. You may not remember them they were on the ads. They were just drawings and not as pretty as your kids.

    Come and visit some time.

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