Geocache Diet – Day 90

268 Geocaches Found – 608km on foot – 24lbs lost!

I have been struggling with my diet lately even though I have been trying very hard to lose weight.  The exercise portion of the geocache diet is going very well and I am feeling a lot more fit then I was when I started.  My problem lies in the kitchen where I will catch myself unconsciously eating more than I should.  I have noticed that there is an emotional connection to my eating habits.  I would not consider myself an emotional person but when you are looking after 3 young kids, and you are trying to make a living on your own, you cannot help but experience a series of highs and lows during the week.  Here are some of the observations I have noticed lately.

  1. Feeling Good.  When I am feeling alright I tend to make pretty good decisions and I tend to slow down when I eat.  If I am relaxed and not in a rush to get the meal done then I do not seem to eat beyond full.  However when things are going well we also like to reward ourselves with something special.  This could be one of our favourite healthy meals but it may be something not quite as good.  When there is something worth celebrating we usually think of a special meal as the way to celebrate.  I have to come up with a better reward so we are not always associating these happy moments with food.  
  2. Stressed out or overwhelmed.  This is really the first time in my life where I have been around small kids.  I am still not used to these kinds of emotional swings and drama.  When the kids are at each other and will not settle down no matter what I try then it can really affect me. For whatever reason I turn to snacking to calm down my nerves.  If there are salty or sweet snacks around I will usually take them first but anything will do.  The problem is that I am eating because I am flustered and not because I am hungry.  Getting out for a walk also helps me calm my nerves but that is rarely an option I can take at that particular time.
  3. Anticipation.  If there is some future event that I need to prepare for I tend to spend a lot of time thinking about it.  I like to be as prepared as possible but I also get distracted from other important things, like planning menus.  If we are not organized in our menu plans then we tend to take unhealthy shortcuts.
  4. Being tired.  Not surprisingly we have periods where we are just worn out and the last thing we can be bothered with is making dinner.  This leads to ordering food out or freezer meals and the healthy options for both are limited.  We need to make sure that we have quick healthy meals that we can make in a flash without much effort.

The last two points have more to do with being well organized with our meal plans but first two points require a bit more figuring out.  Why do I automatically think of food when I get down and why do I always want to reward myself with food as well?  I think it is good that I can recognize this and I am going to pay close attention to it to see if I can control this is some way.  At this point I do not have the answers.

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