Geocache Diet – Day 94

278 Geocaches Found – 634km on foot – 24lbs lost!

Some more thoughts and observations along the geocaching trail:

Walking in the rain when you are feeling good is the best.  You can really push yourself without getting too hot and when you return all wet and muddy you feel like you accomplished something.  When you walk in the rain when you are not in the best mood you just get wet.

Is there anything sadder than seeing (and hearing) a woodpecker looking for food in a metal pole?

There is nothing that gets your heart rate going at 6am like walking past that aforementioned woodpecker.

Oh the highs and lows of geocaching.  That geocache that has been eluding you for weeks and is driving you nuts can turn into elation when you finally find it.  At least that is how it should be.  If the cache is not that hard of a hide then I just feel like an idiot for taking so long.

Be safe out there.  While walking the trails pull over and stop when reading your GPSr.  Trees and cliffs can pop out of nowhere if you are not paying attention.  I have learned my lesson.

Geocaching would not be as fun if everyone knew what you were doing.  Sure I love being outdoors and exploring some great trails but there is something exciting about rummaging in the bushes trying not to get caught.

I bet teenage geocachers get a rough time from some non geocaching folk.

‘Hey you kids, what are you doing over there?’
‘Honestly Mister we are just looking for a plastic container with rubber balls and key chains.
‘Yah right, you kids are up to no good now get out of here you druggies before I call the cops.’
‘Not again, let’s just go hang out in the mall instead.’

Some cachers come up with a great idea for a cache, spend a lot of time putting it together, and find the perfect hiding spot only to get nervous that people will find it too hard.  They then include a very detailed hint that practically walks you to the cache.  Other cachers like to see you suffer.  I really like the ones that are comfortably in between.

If I am pushing 3 kids in a stroller up a steep hill I should be able to count it as double distance towards my goal should I not?  Ahhhhh…Not fair.

Other than travel bugs, I rarely ever trade within a cache unless the kids are with us.  They love seeing what treasures lay in some of these boxes.  I find it a shame when there is a nice big cache with little in it so I now carry a bag of items small kids would like and put some stuff in the empty caches.  Our local thrift stores sell grab bags full of great kid’s trade items for a low as $1.

I used to love walking around a new town or park until I was lost and then see if I could figure my way back.  Since I now always have our GPSr with me I always know where I am at all times.  I will often throw my GPSr in my pack and try and get lost but it is never the same as I know that I have backup.

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