Geocache Diet – Day 98

I am making a few tweaks to the Geocache Diet to make it more efficient.  The main change is that I have relaxed my rule where I can only count the distance walked while geocaching.  In order to walk 2500km in the year it means that I have to average around 7km each and every day.   My daily geocaching routine currently involves driving to the location where I will be hiking, hiking (hopefully at least 7km), finding geocaches, and then driving home, all in no more than 3 hours.  This plan worked very well except I am starting to run out of geocaches close to home that I have not yet found.  This means I have to spend more time driving to my starting point which leaves me less time for my hike.  As a consequence I am driving more than I had hoped to and I am getting behind on my hiking target.  My solution was to break the week into 1 prime geocaching day, 3 secondary geocaching days, and 3 hiking only days. 

Once a week I get to take the whole morning off away from the house and go hiking and geocaching.  I get up around 5am and as soon as I can I am on the road.  When I get to my destination I go for a 4-5km walk followed by breakfast I brought along (or bought at a cafe).  During this break I usually will get out my notebook and do some writing.  After my break I will go for another geocaching walk before returning home.  I have already done this weekly outing a few times now and it is a great day out.  I am averaging around 9-12km walked each day and I am finding around 6-10 geocaches a time (16.6 km walked and 15 geocaches found is my record so far). 

Enjoying time with the kids

My secondary days will be closer to home and I will try to find around 3-5 caches at a time.  I hope to walk at least 4km and will often take the whole family with me. These will be great little breaks in the week where I can get some exercise, enjoy the family, and have fun enjoying geocaching.  These outing will still be around 3 hours long from the time I leave home to the time I return.  The hiking only days will be walks that I start from home.  There are great trails around our house but I have not been on them in weeks since I have found all the geocaches.  My goal is to walk around 10km on each of these hikes which should take me 2 hours or less.  By adding these into my weekly routine it means I am spending less time in the car and I am ensuring that I am exercising a lot.  I always take my notebook with me so I can break up my walk with some writing if I wish.  This new schedule will allow me to try some longer hikes and walks that could push me harder physically.  The goal is to get into shape and to lose weight and this tweak should allow more success.  I still get to find a bunch of geocaches as well as I am not altering my goal of 1000 caches found on foot. 

On that note we will be going to another geocaching event tomorrow.  A very eager cacher is organizing a pot lot lunch around the release of 27 new caches (28 if you include the event cache) that she has hidden nearby.  We will leave in the morning and see how many we can get by lunch.  She is calling this series ‘alphabet soup’ and will have one for each letter of the alphabet plus a bonus cache you can find after finding the other 26.  Before starting the geocache diet I set a limit of 15 caches as the maximum number I would find in a day but I may find more on Sunday if we get on a roll.  I will only count 15 towards the geocache diet however because I do not want to have too many cache heavy days on record as this challenge was supposed to be about daily exercise and constant weight loss.  I think I am slowly getting back on track with losing weight as well.

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