Geocache Diet – FAQ’s

Q:  What is Geocaching?

A:  The definition from is: Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share your experiences online.

Q: Why did you decide to make this your weight loss plan?

A: Geocaching is an activity I really enjoy I feel the exercise routine will continue past the completion of this challenge.  I can never see myself being a gym rat as I like to be outdoors and I love exploring.  I fell in love with Geocaching as it is a great way to discover an area and get in shape at the same time.

Q: What else are you doing to lose weight?

A:  I gained the weight in the first place due to a lack of daily exercise and increasingly poor eating habits.  The Geocache diet’s goals only focus on the exercise portion but I also want to improve our eating habits for the good of the whole family and we have started making changes.  We are adjusting our diet based healthy foods we enjoy including food found locally and in our garden.  We will be vegetarian 3-4 days a week, enjoy fish 1-2 times a week and Poultry 1-2 times a week.  We will eat other meats sporadically.   This diet is not aimed to be for just weight loss but to become the framework for a long term healthy lifestyle. We will be blogging about our eating habits on

Q: Have you set yourself rules to prevent yourself from cheating?

A: Yeah, I thought it would be a good idea.  Here are the Rules I am following

  1. I can only count distance towards my goal of 2500kms this year in the act of geocaching.  Chasing our kids in the backyard and grocery shopping does not count.
  2. I can only find a maximum of 15 caches a day.
  3. I can only find each cache once.
  4. Don’t do anything stupid.  Scaling down a bank of a rushing river just to get a cache when I am by myself is one of the things I promised Lisa I wouldn’t do.

Q:  Why have three goals?

A:  The main goal is to lose weight and get into shape.  The Geocaching is like a daily reward to get outside and exercise; it is so much fun.  The distance goal was included to ensure the geocaching target was actually used to exercise.  There are many geocaches placed in urban areas and near parking spots that require very little walking.  While I will need to find these to accomplish my goals I am forcing myself to not just drive and cache because I also have to travel 2500km on foot this year.

Q:  How are you recording the distance goal?

A:  I will be using my Garmin Oregon 200 GPS unit to record the distance of each caching trip.

Q:  Will you do urban caches and cache’s you can drive to?

A:  Yes, I will have to in order to meet my 1000 cache goal and not spend hours driving to trailheads and to far off locations.  There are simply not enough walking trail cache’s nearby for me to rule out ‘drive up caches’.

Q:  How can you fit this into your schedule?

A:  The goals I came up with had my other commitments in mind.  If you have read through the blogs on you will realize how important spending time with my family is.  My goal is to geocache outside of family time, blog on and work on another outside business plans and be a good husband and father.  This has me working at 6am in the morning and working evenings.  I am simply replacing TV watching, and most other entertainment with caching.

Q:  What will you do if this goal gets too much for your family?

A:  Lisa has the right to pull the plug on the geocaching goal at anytime if she feels I am not living up to my other commitments.  She is the one who convinced me to do this but if the 1000 caches seem too much to fit into our busy lives than I will stop.  The weight and distance goals I should be able to keep no matter what.

Q:  Will you use bicycles or any other mode of transportation towards your distance goal?

A:  No – I plan on doing 2500kms on foot.  I am not in running shape right now but I may be able to later on.  At the start it is walking only.

Q:  What type of Geocaches will you count?

A:  All Geocaches accepted on as noted here.

Q:  Why not find more than 1000 geocaches? I have heard of people finding around 100 a day.

A:  I am not trying to break any records; I am trying to lose weight.  I wanted a large number for my target but I included the distance goal to make sure that I am walking a lot as well.  The distance and geocache goals were decided on after studying the types of caches in our area and these numbers reflect the amount of time I am able to spend towards this challenge.  I have decided to make a maximum of 15 caches each day to avoid doing some mega-caching days for catch up.  Since my distance goal means I have to travel an average of 2.5km per cache on foot it does not allow for finding too many caches in a day.

Q:  What are the other benefits to this type of diet you hope to see?

A: We have recently moved to central Vancouver Island and I have not seen too much of it so far.  This will change in a hurry and since I love exploring this is a great benefit.  I have some ambitions of overnight hiking, kayaking, and other activities that require a much higher fitness level than I currently have.  If I complete this challenge then I should be able to participate in more of these types of activities with my family.  I also hope to meet a lot of new hiking and geocaching friends on the trail.

Q:  Are you planning to do all of it alone?

A:  I hope not.  My family will be joining me at every opportunity but I will have to do a lot of caching without them.  I am hoping to meet up with people who would like to join me from time to time, though it does have to be on my schedule for the most part.

Q: Do you think doing so much geocaching in a year will make you sick of it?

A:  Nah.

Q:  Why is your distance goal in metric (km) and your weight goal in imperial (lbs)?

A:  My generation in Canada was taught metric, and I took science into university which uses metric for everything.  For some reason however, when it comes to weighing people the unit of measure always seems to be in pounds.  As well I will lose more pounds than kilograms and I will walk more kilometres than miles.

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