Geocaching Diet – Day 22

938 Geocaches – 2355 km on foot – 88lbs – 343 Days!

I had my third weigh-in this morning and unfortunately I was not able to repeat the 6 lbs lost last week.  I am only down 2 lbs since the last weigh-in for a total weight loss of 12lbs in 3 weeks.  I know I only have to average 2lbs a week to make my goal but I would have been happier with another 6 lbs lost, especially so early on in the geocache diet.  I had a few breakdowns on my eating plan this week and I caught a cold which stopped me from hiking as far and as hard as I had the previous two weeks.  As well when I attend geocaching events in the future I should probably leave before the food comes out.  Put me in a room full of savoury goodies with no restraints and I have a hard time resisting, though compared to other pot luck adventures I did not do too bad.

Yesterday the whole family attended an ‘event cache’ in Campbell River.  This is a hosted event by one or a group of geocachers so we can get together to tell stories, exchange some advice and hints, and put faces to all those interesting geocaching names you read on the logs.  For an activity that I have been doing a lot on my own it is nice to come to an event and get in touch with the geocaching community.  These events are a great concept.  They are posted on and just like any other geocache are open to anyone who wants to attend.  This is not a secret club; you just need to have an interest in geocaching.  This was our second event we have attended and we will certainly attend more, you know, as a test of will power when the food comes out.

At the event yesterday I received a lot of support from people who have been reading about the geocache diet and I must say it was very encouraging.  I now have lots of offers for hiking partners.  One thing I noticed right away at my first event last summer is that the geocaching community is a very diverse group of individuals.  You have a strange mixture of adventure enthusiasts, off road lovers, weekend walkers, puzzle lovers, computer geeks who love to make the impossible puzzles, and everyone in between.  People from so many backgrounds, with so many different interests, and of all ages can fall in love with geocaching.  This diversity of the participants makes it quite different from other groups I have been a part of.  It is definitely a unique and wonderful pastime (obsession).

Today was another great day of hiking and geocaching.  I have recovered from my cold and I am trying to make up some distance towards my goal.  We have an offer from the grandparents for Lisa and I to have a night away to ourselves.  We have not been away from the kids since we moved into our house and we will take advantage of it.  We do not know where we will go but I do know that the GPSr is coming with us.  Imagine getting up in the morning, going caching, having breakfast, lunch and dinner as quick breaks away from geocaching and winding up the day with a relaxing night cache.  I can hardly wait and yes Lisa is behind this itinerary 100% except I haven’t mentioned the night cache idea yet…….gotta go.

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