How to Make a Bird Nest Ball

The other day I was a the garden supply store and I came across bird nest balls for helping your backyard bird friends gather building materials to make their nests.  I thought to myself that this was a great idea for a craft I can do with the kids.  The store was changing $7 per ball!  I wonder if someone will make a fortune out of this idea.  “Yes I made my millions producing Bird Nest Balls made from old dryer lint and dog hair.”  Not likely, but it’s a nice thought.

To make your own bird nest ball you first need a mesh bag or mesh bag material, like you get onions, or avocados in.

Next fill it with things from around the house, string, hair(birds love dog hair), dry grass, dryer lint, old stuffing, and feathers and tie up into a ball about 5-6 inches in diameter.  We used colourful things like craft store feathers and coloured mesh.  I think the best part of the ball is the dryer lint, which is very soft and fluffy.

Hang it on a string somewhere outside where the birds can acsess it easily and the kids and see it from inside.

Our kids had alot fun with this one.  Now we just have to wait and see if the birds come.   If we make it will they come?

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