How to Make a Suet Cake with a Preschooler

This is a non-suet (beef fat) suet cake.  We used lard (usually pig fat) from the freezer section of the supermarket.  Suet can really smell up your house so if you decide to go that route you may want to melt it outside.  Lard has no smell at all and next time I may try Crisco as it’s vegitable not animal fat.

I thought this would be a fun activity for my 4.5 yr old and I to do on a rainy day, which it was.  I could see on her face, with all the good things going into it, why are we feeding this to the birds?  I want to eat it.  Just keep reading.

  1. Pick a time when your child is calm and quiet; you don’t need a hyper child around hot melted lard
  2. Melt lard in a medium sized pot
  3. Mix in some peanut butter and cornmeal
  4. Mix in fixin’s:  raisins, nuts and seeds, whatever your child wants to add
  5. Eat a few seeds and raisins, yummy
  6. Have the adult pour the liquid mixture into a pan to make a Suet cake about 1.5in thick
  7. Put into fridge to set. We were too anxious so we put ours into the freezer for twenty minutes
  8. Once set, remove from the fridge and have little taste.  She couldn’t resist and the birds are going to eat it after all so it must be ok for us to eat, right?  Or am I a bad mother?  She said it tasted like peanut butter and I took her word for it.
  9. Insert into a suet holder or cut a few smaller ones, make holes in them and tie them to tree branches

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Here is a good link for suet cake recipes.

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