How Would I Describe Geocaching?

Fun, nerdy, exhausting, fear inducing, exhilarating, childish,thrilling, puzzling, time wasting, challenging, easy, tough, thought-provoking, friendly, escape from reality, natural, hi tech, bizarre, waste of time, frustrating, ridiculous, brilliant, sly, all-encompassing, demanding, sophisticated, satisfying,maddening, taxing, tricky, elusive, stimulating, exciting, perplexing, baffling, pleasing, discovering, adventuresome, exploration, a journey, enjoyable, entertaining, cool,  welcoming, geeky,sociable, solo activity, absurd, awesome, intense, stealthy, sneaky, crafty, silly, bizarre, incredible, addictive, juvenile, energetic, enlightening, annoying, exasperating,  bewildering, fulfilling,  cunning, gratifying, clever, devious, inexpensive, inclusive, broad, trendy, splendid, obsession, amazing, humbling, environmental, real, sensible, fun = geocaching

Geocache Diet Day 129

385 Geocaches Found – 879 km on foot – 26 lbs lost!

Enjoyed some excellent hikes the last couple of days.  I walked over 22km and got drenched both days.  I enjoy hiking in the rain as the cooler temperature allows me to push myself harder and I enjoy the added challenge of battling the elements.  Not too many people on the trails and they didn’t know what they were missing.  I have been purposely looking for multi-stage caches lately as I really enjoy them.  Today I did two multis which Cris-crossed each other within the same park.  Both were very well done and those two caches ,plus a few traditional caches, made for a good hike in a fantastic park near Campbell River.  Since the Geocache Diet has started I have averaged almost 3 caches a day (on target for more than my 1000 cache goal) and 6.8km (on target for almost exactly my 2500km goal).  The weight has been a little more of a struggle lately but I am still focused on trying new things to get the weight off.  The problem has been with my eating and not with the exercise portion.  The hiking and geocaching have been great and I feel that I have done a good job to incorporate this daily exercise into my routine.

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  1. Angelcheeks
    May 26, 2010 at 7:30 am

    you might try a food tracking tool like the one on or i think there is one in facebook; just knowing how your day is distributed where it comes to carbs, fat and calories can help; even keeping a diary for a while and looking at your eating habits can help

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