Humane Education – A Great Idea

This link I came across today really caught my eye.  Humane Education is teaching a child to be kind to animals so that they will learn to be compassionate in all aspects of their lives.  This article claims that humane education reduces violence in teens and adults and teaches respect and empathy.  If you don’t have a pet of your own you can practice with friends and families’ pets as well as wild critters like bugs and birds.

We recently made some suet cakes to care for our backyard birds and I told the kids that we were looking after them over the winter when there are not a lot of seeds left for them to eat.  We also do a daily check for worms on our front walkway.  Annika loves picking them up and putting them back in the garden to “rescue” them.

This concept seems to make a lot of sense to us.  These ideas parallel the thoughts we have had for a while.

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