I Miss the Daily Homecoming

BP1272208cropack in the days when I worked in an office, before I worked from home, returning after a busy day would be quite an uplifting event. As I drove up the driveway I would see a small face peering through the window. As I got closer the smile on the face would start to grow until it appeared to be too big to fit. As I walked through the door I would hear a thrilled “DADDY DADDY DADDY!!!!” and with open arms Annika would run towards me at speeds too fast for legs that short. Lisa would stagger over to me, as if she had just run a marathon, give me a big hug and say “thank god you are home”. Being anticipated, maybe even longed for, is a great feeling and one I miss.

I don’t get to experience that anymore, and with 3 kids now the daily homecoming should be even more special, as I am at home far too much to ever be missed. When I do leave the house it is not long enough for the kids to even notice and too short for Lisa to be thoroughly flustered. I was out of the house for a whole four hours yesterday and when I got back and proclaimed, ‘DADDY’S HOME” all I got was a few uninterested glances through a mess of toys, and a short “Hi Dear”. I just slumped over to the chair and pondered if I should return to my old office routine. Well maybe I don’t miss the homecomings that much.

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