Importance of Sleep and Rest for Parents

You shouldn’t be ashamed of resting or relaxing.   For parents of young kids it’s sometimes hard to get in the rest that you need to function properly.  There is a great article from Australia that goes into more detail about it, called “Sleep for Parents”.

When we had our first baby I slept when she slept, just like everyone tells you to do.  I ignored the housework as much as I could and rested.  Annika’s sleep patterns at night slowly improved and by 10 months she was sleeping through the night 90% of the time.  When we had the twins I also had a three year old that needed attention as well. Going for a nap in the middle of the day when everyone around you is helping out with cleaning, cooking and babies, is hard.  It is hard to say no to your three year old when she asks you to play because you need some rest.

I am someone who really needs her sleep; I need about 8-9 hours a night.  I realized when our kids were small I could make do with less sleep but I was not functioning as well as I should have been.  I was feeling overwhelmed and very emotional all of the time.  When the twins were very small I would leave them with Daddy and Grandma and go upstairs for a sleep, and sometimes I could not turn off my mind enough to get the two hours I had allotted myself.  But just laying down and resting can do wonders.

All three of our kids sleep through the night 8pm-7am so I have the freedom once again to get the sleep I need to function at my best.  It is hard when you are right in the middle of the roughest patch to realize that it is going to get better and the sleep deprivation will end.  I have found that when I am at my busiest I need to make sleep a priority, and try to make up for the work that needs to be done some other time.

Now on to the next challenge, potty training twins.

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