Indoor Multi-Cache for Kids

Easter weekend and the weather is horrible.  We were hoping to at least do some family activities; like go for a family picnic, find some geocaches, have an Easter egg hunt in the back yard, or visit a farm.  The stormy weather outside changed these plans in a hurry.  A little rain would not stop us but a full out storm has kept us indoors.  With the promise of finding treasure on the kids minds we took that idea indoors and our Easter indoor multi-cache was born.  Annika loves finding geocaches full of treasure so I thought we would go geocaching in our home.  You can do this for your Easter activity if the weather is bad outside or you can do it anytime, just for some rainy day fun.  Our kids haven’t mastered the GPS yet so it just started with a clue left on the table.

What you need:

  • some pieces of paper
  • a pen
  • a “cache box” (small plastic containers work well)
  • a few new small toys or “tradables” or other treats

A little preparation and some clever hiding places and you can make a fun treasure hunt in a hurry.  After our kids found the first clue they ran around the house going from hint to hint until they found the ‘treasure’. Our clues had them looking in cereal boxes, under pillows, under the bathroom scale, and finally in a sock drawer where the box was hidden.  You can make this as many stages and as complicated as you want.  Make it shorter for small kids, and as long as you like for big kids.   Have fun, be creative and don’t forget to take pictures.

Our Easter hunt today was a big success.  Hopefully the weather will improve and we can do some real caching outdoors but this was a good alternative for a stormy day.  Happy Easter everyone.

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