Is it OK to Play Fetch With Kids?

I looked around the park nervously to see if anyone was watching us.  I was happily playing with the kids in the neighbouring park before I realized what game we were actually doing. All three kids had brought their favourite ball and we had started playing catch.  Before long I began throwing the balls down the field so they could run and get the ball and then race back to see who can bring me the ball first.  It seemed like a harmless way for the kids to get outdoors and get exercise but then I realized…we were playing fetch!!

I have played fetch a lot in my life as I have spent a good portion of my life with dogs.  I never thought, however, that I would play fetch with my kids.  I am supposed to be raising future scholars, humanitarians, and leaders (not sure which child will be which yet) and here they are having a great time chasing a ball down a field.  Embarrassed with how our little outing had evolved I quickly tried to convince the kids that we should be playing something else.  I had no chance as they were having so much fun playing fetch.  I thought maybe I could subtly change the game by adding math or some other type of learning component.  No luck at all.  We hadn’t been there long enough to go home and it wasn’t lunch time yet so I was stuck playing fetch with my kids.

I guess I should not be too worried about this as they were enjoying themselves and park time is meant to wear the kids out so they are manageable at home (this game did do that).  I could not seem to throw the ball in the right spot for Bryce to win the race and even he wanted to play more and more.  We played fetch for a good half hour before going home.  It is now time to go out for another play and they are asking to play the same game.  Maybe I can convince them to go for a walk instead.

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  1. Jana Henderson
    June 21, 2010 at 9:19 pm

    Oh my goodness, Martin you are so FUNNY! I am going to try playing “fetch” with my son and see if that will tire him out! LOL!

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