Kids Anxious to Try New Olympic Sports

The last couple of weeks we have watched more television then we had the past 6 months combined.  I am an Olympic junkie and I have a hard time not following each moment.  While many of these sports I would not normally go out of my way to watch, during the Olympics they are fascinating.  For the first time I watched many of the Olympics with my kids.  Our 2-year old twins oohed and awed over some of the freestyle skiing and the crashes on the Bobsleigh track, but our 4-year old understood a little more.  Each sport she watched she liked more then the last and kept saying how she wanted to try these sports.  As a result we stopped watching Ski Jumping and Luge with Annika and stuck exclusively to Curling and Speed Skating (just kidding).  Our kids are not the only ones who were interested in Olympic Sports.

Siri Agrell of the Canadian Press writes about the Spillover effect for new medal sports, and how emerging Oympic sports like Ski Cross  are getting a lot  more interest from kids after they watched them during the Olympics.  While we have made a case before why we shouldn’t fill every moment of our kids lives with organized activity, it is great that kids are being inspired to get out and try sports.  There are many ways for kids to play and to be physically fit and it does not really matter which sport they try, as long as stay active.

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