Extended Family Travel Itinerary #1 – Lengthy Stays at Prime Destinations

This is the First of Four Fun Extended Family Travel Itineraries that are included on the blog Extended FamiScan8ly Travel – Fun Itineraries

This will be fun.  OK for this trip let’s pick 4 places that you could imagine spending at least 2-3 months in.  You will rent a furnished apartment or home while you discover all your destination has to offer. You may want to choose your destinations with some variety so each leg of your trip seems like a completely different experience.   You may want to choose a city, plus one beach area, one historical region, and one remote location.  You may also like to choose to go to a national park, alpine resort, small Tropical Island, or a town famous for its cheese making.   All you need to do is choose your destinations, rent accommodation at a fraction of the nightly cost if you were to live in hotels, and then plan your travel between your prime destinations.  I would suggest 1-3 weeks should be enough to allow for some exciting mini vacations within your large vacation.  Sound Good?  Now for a few examples:

Let’s go big and go around the world.  This trip is a colossal 4 continent trip that will provide a lot of life experiences for your family.

  • Let’s start with a flight to Chile to do some hiking, wine tasting, and lots of other fun stuff before traveling over the Andes to Buenos Aires.  I have chosen Buenos Aires as the first place to stop for 2-3 months to absorb in the culture, learn some Spanish, or learn how to tango.  If you do not like the idea of stopping in such a large city then there are nice beach towns to the south of the city or head to the Mendoza wine region.  In the time you are there you may want to do a side trip to Iguaçu Falls (I would).
  • Once you are ready to leave Argentina take a flight to Johannesburg South Africa and then meander through the game reserves on the way to Cape Town.  It is tempting to go north as well to see Victoria Falls as long as it is not too much travel for your family.  I chose Cape Town as it has always been a place I wanted to see.  It is in a stunning location, lots to see and do, has lots of history, and is relatively safe (it does have its troubles but caution and common sense can avoid most problems).  I think it is important to expose kids to the issues of intolerance and poverty and this city is a place where many lessons can be learned.
  • Scan9Time to cross the equator and explore a little bit of Europe.  Europe has the ability to break the budget but it also has many places that you must see in your lifetime.  Can you imagine spending 2-3 months in Rome, Paris, or Vienna?  What about the Greek Islands or Spanish Coast?  Eastern Europe can be a lot easier on the budget and contains many places I would love to experience.  I think our family would like to learn a little more Spanish and would love to play on the coast of Spain.  It would be tempting to look at the budget and timeline to see if we could add another stay in another part of Europe before our final destination.
  • After Europe you may decide you need a budget stretcher so the final leg lands you in Thailand.  Fly to Bangkok; explore the city and other parts of Thailand for a couple weeks before setting down on a nice coastal town (many great places to choose from).  Explore the islands, the culture, and the food.
  • Time to go home now, unless you decide to keep traveling, but on the way home you could always see some of Malaysia, Vietnam, or Japan (budget permitting) before returning home.

Scan10There are an endless number of routes you could take but I thought I would throw out a couple more since it is so much fun.

  • Instead of going around the world you could do a circle pacific trip.  How about making you way to Australia and spending a few months on the Sunshine Coast, Sydney or south of Perth.   Fly to Vanuatu and spend a few months in this fascinating South Pacific Nation.  How about learning how to cook many different cuisines on the island of Penang in Malaysia before making Korea your final stop before going home.
  • I did the Pacific, now try the Atlantic.  How about Quebec, Ireland, Portugal and Costa Rica.

I really could go on and on, just ask Lisa, but I should stop for now.  The next extended travel idea I have will involve camping your way around a continent.   This is too much fun.

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