Life With Attention Grabbing Twins

IMGP4889I take Bryce out to the grocery store and he gets some smiles and a couple of Hey Buddy’s.  I take Jada out, who is smaller and goes looking for attention, and she gets quite a few ahhhhh’s and how cute’s.  I take both of them together and we become local celebrities.

Even though families with twins seem to be everywhere these days, we still get some interesting reactions and questions.  Here are some of our favourites:

  • “You sure have your hands full”:  This is our ‘if we had a nickel…’ statement.  I wish I had the courage to say “Yes we do, can we get a hand?……..No……..some money then?”
  • “Are they identical?”   First of all, they have never looked anything alike and secondly it is hard to find baby clothes that are not gender obvious.  We have received this question with Bryce wearing a (hand me down) monster truck shirt and Jada dressed up like a cupcake.  Once, even after stating that one is a boy and the other is a girl, there was confusion as to why they could not be identical.  I almost had to draw a picture as to what would be different about them.
  • “Are they Fraternity Twins?” – They do like to party!
  • “Do Twins Run in Your Family?”  Every person who asks us this question seems to get a different answer depending on our mood.   We have answered ‘Yes’ (because there are twins in our family) to ‘no’ (because it had nothing to do with us having twins) to ‘they do now’ to just laughing and winking, and from time to time we even provide the real answer.
  • Are they natural? – We don’t even know how to answer that one?  If they were not natural what would an artificial baby look like?b&j01
  • Are you getting any sleep?  –  Would we look like this if we were?

Even though we seem to meet families with twins every second day we still feel that our family is pretty special to include twins.  We are very lucky just to have kids at all and we will take all the comments and questions in stride.  Sometimes they can really pick you up from a bad day.  I think it is time to make an appearance at the local grocery store.  Nothing cheers you up like a few wow you sure have your hands full`s.

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