Looking for the Perfect Lifestyle Change Date Night Movie

Last night was Valentine’s Day.  Like any typical Valentine’s Day for us we did not do anything special but we thought we would have a nice quiet evening with a dinner and a movie after the kids went to bed.  Lisa decided to prepare a fondue and I chose the movie.  As always I went to the library to pick out a movie and I came home with what I thought was going to be a winner.  I chose Revolutionary Road for a few reasons.  For one, it starred Kate Winslet and Leonardo of Titanic fame, it had a romantic looking cover photo, and the clincher was the plot description on the back of the case.  When I read ‘…this mesmerizing and moving story follows the lives of a passionate young couple living in suburban Connecticut who decide to risk everything to pursue their dreams…’ I thought that this is the movie for us.    

We were immediately hooked to the plot as the on screen couple, like us, realizes that they need a lifestyle change.  We exchanged many loving looks over the fondue pot while the on screen couple decided to leave their predicable suburban life and move to Paris.  At certain moments we almost started cheering.  We should have turned it off at that point as the writer of the story thought it would be good to shatter those people’s dream.  We didn’t want to see that.  We wanted to see them move and live happy ever after while living life to the fullest.  They thought it would be better if the powerful force of conformity wins and destroyed lives of promise.  They were wrong. 

So an evening that started well ended up with a downer but I am certain that our perfect romantic movie is out there.  Surely someone has made a movie where a loving couple is stuck in a rut and then decide to break free from their predictable life and end up having the time of their lives and live happy ever after. If you have any suggestions on what that movie is please let us know.

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