Making Bubble Prints is Not a Toddler Activity

One day just before lunch everyone was feeling a little crabby so I remembered an activity on-line from Frugal Family Fun Blog called Bubble Prints.  This sounded like the perfect combination for a rainy day, bubbles and art.  I had only read it a day or two before so I tried to do this from memory.  To a large bowl I added water, bubble liquid and food colouring.  That didn’t work so well (too diluted) so I next tried straight bubble liquid and food colouring, which is how it’s suppose to be made.  I put the bowl on a cookie sheet with newspapers on the floor.

They loved the green bubbles.  You are supposed to lay the sheet of paper on the bubbles to make a “print”.  It was turning out very light so I let them draw with the bubbles on paper and it worked well.

What could be more fun than blowing green bubbles?  With kids this age I should have known that it would only be a matter of time before curiosity got the better of them.  With a straw far too big for a two-year old Jada decided to have a taste.   After taking a big mouthful the reaction was instant.  Jada seemed to go as green as the bubble liquid before it all came back up.  Unfortunately her aim is not so good and she missed the paper and the opportunity to make really special bubble art.  That would have gone on the wall for sure.

My advice is to make this is an activity for preschoolers not toddlers.  Bryce and Jada just turned two the other day and are a bit too young for this activity I think.  Maybe we’ll wait until they are three and try it again.

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