Nap Time is Ending Soon

Oh how I’m going to miss nap time.  No not my naps … the twins naps.  It is so nice with twins to have a small break in the day to have some time to relax and get some chores done.  Right now the twins nap from 1pm and get up between 3 – 4pm.  Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with them, but I really enjoy having this mid-day break.  Annika, our 5 year-old, is still at home 4 out of the 7 days in the week (at least until preschool takes their summer break) but time with her is far less intense.  Most of the time she stays busy on her own either outside, doing a craft, or watching a movie.  I need this ahhhh time for myself.  I have this terrible nagging feeling that this is going to end far too soon. 

When Annika was this age she started giving up her naps.  We would put her in her room with the light off and sometimes she would nap and other times she would not.  Bryce and Jada are approaching 2.5yrs. and are already skipping naps once in a while.  During nap time I do some cleaning, cooking, work, have a shower, and sometimes sit down and drink a cup of tea.  If they decide that they do not want to sleep during the day I will have to figure out how to do these tasks with the kids underfoot.  I know I shouldn’t complain as most stay at home Mom’s have to deal with this everyday and do not have someone like my husband at home to help out during the day.  While it will be nice to have these mid-day breaks from the twins all the way till school starts I know that I will have to deal with it when they stop napping for good.  How much free time did I expect with three kids anyway.  

In September Annika will be off to kindergarten which may actually complicate things a bit.  I was hoping for her to go in the afternoon session but it now looks like only mornings classes are available.  If the twins stop this trend of skipping naps then it means that the 3 kids will not be together for much of the day which does make it easier but is more challenging to get family outings.  If the twins stop napping then my only breaks will be in the evening.  I will have to make due with whatever happens in the fall.  

It will be challenging if I have two toddlers awake all day.  On a positive note they are learning to be far more independent and are playing well with each other.  They still are pretty clingy and want to climb on my lap and get me to join in their fun most of the time. I know they will grow up quickly and before I know it will be off doing their own things so I must enjoy everything I can now.  I will enjoy nap time, playtime, cuddles, and kisses and whatever the kids throw my way as it will all end far too soon and then I will want it back the way it was, I’m sure.

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