Nearing Completion of the Geocache Diet – Day 348

I am going to finish what I started.  When I set my goals for this exercise challenge almost a year ago I had hoped to be wearing much smaller clothes today.  I wanted to find 1000 caches, walk 2500kms, and lose 100 lbs.  After feeling a little down I have received a lot of encouragement to convince me that two out of three is still pretty good.  Among this support has included my friends at Groundspeak/ who allowed me to write a guest blog for their Latitude 47 blog.  This support has allowed me see that even though I will not meet all my goals, I still made positive changes to my lifestyle this year.  I now include daily exercise and I am much better for it.

I am closing in on the end of my challenge but I still have a ways to go to meet my caching/hiking targets.  I have 67  more caches to find while walking 100 km in the next 17 days.  I will accomplish this because it is now in my routine.  And 18 days from now what will I do?  I will go for a hike.  There is no way I am not going to continue to do daily exercise and regular caching.  I may not be able to get another 1000 caches in the following year but there will still be many finds.  As for the weight loss goal?  I am still confident that I will get to my ideal weight.  We have made many lifestyle changes that have improved our health and we will continue to make better decisions.

I will not write a complete summary yet because there are still things to accomplish. I wanted to make sure I thanked everyone who has convinced me to complete this challenge.  It has been a fun year of caching and lots more to come.  Now I just have to find the right cache for #1000 for the challenge.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!

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