New Year Wishes and Random Thoughts

Another year is in the books and now we are looking ahead.  Here are a few thoughts we have been discussing and a few wishes for the New Year.

  • Twenty more days until the terrible twos are over.  The twins are at a real fun age but when they decide they are in a bad mood, look out.  Luckily the terrible twos end later this month on their birthday…right?
  • Twice in the past month we stepped inside of a mall.  Most of our Christmas shopping was done outside the mall but in a couple instances we were sucked in.  Both times it was so busy and I found it hard to find anything worth buying.  Lisa does not like to go to the mall with me because I just get in a rotten mood and I start spewing out things about materialism and how our society has lost touch with any sort of reality.  I have decided not to ever return to a mall.
  • Back to the twins, we hope this is the year we no longer have to change diapers.  That will be a happy day.
  • We will try to slow down even more and enjoy the world around us.
  • Let’s hope the kids requests get a little more rational.  When Bryce asks for a specific type of jam, to be spread a specific way, using a specific knife, on a specific plate, spread by a specific parent, without telling us specifically that he wants all that, it can get a bit much.
  • Let’s hope that the fish tank we got for Christmas lets us avoid the not too subtle hints for a dog.
  • I would like to do less worrying about things I have very little control of, like commercialism gone wild, and focus on the important things inside our home.  I still may let my mind wander and think about what can be done to improve the global environment.
  • Maybe I will finally figure out what I want to do with my life this year?  Probably not.
  • Let’s smile more
  • Is it school, other influences, or just maturity that creates a greater divide between genders?  Before entering school Annika didn’t have much interest in dressing up pretty and playing like a princess.  A few months into Kindergarten and this has changed.  She still likes routing around the garden and playing with bugs and hopefully this continues.
  • Let’s hope everyone reading this has a healthy and happy New Year.  We are looking forward to it.

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