Organic Gardening Introduction

I have never considered myself an organic gardener but my previous gardening philosophy has inadvertently been organic in nature.   When you are a plant in my garden you never got any chemicals for fertilizer or pesticides, just water (I usually remembered) and sunlight.    My garden was always survival of the fittest and plants had to live in whatever soil conditions my garden had at the time.  If a plant is not hardy enough to grow without much help then it did not belong in my garden.  We have 3 kids so I shouldn’t have to babysit plants as well.

My attitude has changed somewhat as I have rediscovered gardening as a family friendly and productive activity.  This year I will be caring for my plants a bit more than in the past, and I will intentionally be using organic methods.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading and have learned about the importance of having good soil conditions with natural fertilizer added.  We have a good supply of compost, started thanks to the previous owners of our house, which we have added to the soil.  I have found a great website called “The Daily Green – the consumer’s guide to the green revolution.  It is my new favourite site, with lots of great information, stories, and tips.  They have an article called Organic Gardening 9 Easy Steps which I intend to follow very closely.  It is time to get serious with my gardening (serious in a fun way with the kids of course) and I hope to see the results on the dinner table.  In following blogs I will provide details of what I will be growing and discussing organic techniques that we have tried.  Hopefully there will be mostly successes but I am sure there will be a few mistakes made along the way.

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