Our First “Gardening” Attempt

We went to the garden supply store a week ago and bought all kinds of seeds for the garden.  The kids had fun picking them out and we tried to keep it under control, really.  Since then the weather has been quite rainy and cool and all we’ve managed to do is some more yard clean-up.  Thankfully what we did buy was some sprout seeds, which should keep the kids interested in the planting until we can actually put some seeds in the ground and in pots.  Note to self “Must buy more sprout seeds this weekend!”.  Annika and I had a great time getting them started.  They have taken a few days to sprout but now they are really taking off.

There is a lot of sprouting equipment on the market.  We have a set of three plastic lids that someone gave me years ago.  We just use a large mason type canning jar with the lids and follow the instructions on the back of the seed package.  They are very simple to grow;  just soak seeds for 12 hours to start with, then drain and rinse. Leave the jar upside down so that the sprouts are not sitting in water.  The lids can be changed to the large holed ones when the sprouts start to grow.  The larger the holes the more air circulation.  You have to be careful to rinse them and let them drain everyday until they are ready to eat, because they can start to smell and you would probably want to throw them away at that point.  The best part is that kids can be involved and see the results very quickly and who knows, maybe they will even enjoy eating the results.

Sprouts and a Preschooler

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  1. March 21, 2010 at 3:02 pm

    hey there, i liked reading your post, i just used the websiteSwap my Seeds, as a way of giving away my unused bagonia seeds. Anyone know what I can sell them for? I have maybe 500 seeds left.

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