Our Struggles With Infertility

Last week the Calgary Regional Fertility Program held their annual Images of Hope Fundraiser.  We participated by submitting the following story and photograph.  The Generations of Hope website states their mission as: Through the Generations of Hope Fertility Assistance Fund, patients for whom IVF treatment is a challenging financial option can receive support for treatment at the Regional Fertility Program in Calgary. It’s our goal to put the hope for a child within reach for as many people as possible.

“Our story is typical of many stories of fertility. A surprisingly large number of couples have gone for a ride on the same emotional rollercoaster that we endured. What makes our story special? We are parents of extraordinary kids. What makes them so great? They are ours.

We had a plan. We were in control. We were a pair of adventurous souls who had fallen in love and were experiencing life together. We had just returned from a 14-month long honeymoon and we knew exactly what we were going to do next. The first year we would move to the booming city of Calgary to start our careers and buy a house. All were checked off the list in the right order. We had the following four years figured out as well; we would have two kids while continuing to get lots of work experience before moving back to Vancouver Island and starting a business.

It is a powerful thing to feel in control of your own life. It was very tough for us to realize our control was limited when this next step in our lives together did not come automatically. Four years passed; we fell further behind schedule and were now emotionally ready to give up and write a new plan. Those four years included tests, endometriosis surgery, more tests, and many trips to the Regional Fertility Program in Calgary. We were coming up with plans to travel more, to work overseas, even to write a book, all of which were just thoughts used to escape what was our frustrating reality at the time. The only thing we did do was get a dog.

Starting In Vitro Fertilization treatment, we knew that we were coming to the end of this path. Either this would work and we would try and get back on track or we would give up for good and chart a new course. We felt a mixture of disbelief and euphoria when we found out that we were going to have a child.

We are now continuing along the path we started down years ago, but with a completely different perspective on life. We moved back to Vancouver Island to rediscover our adventurous spirit, and we are trying our hand at running a home-based business. We are now a family of five; Annika is almost five and twins Bryce and Jada are two years old. We essentially have the family we envisioned – plus an added bonus – and we are only four years “behind schedule.” We have stopped trying to plan our future however; instead we are living day to day. Why would we be concerned with what is to come when we can enjoy our extraordinary family today?”

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  1. March 10, 2010 at 9:33 pm

    Thanks Erin, we wanted to wait until Images of Hope had finished before we posted this. I think it makes a good read for our blog.

  2. erin
    March 10, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    And it was a roaring success and your picture was GORGEOUS, and the story emotional as they all were. Funnier: we ended up having to put kleenex boxes on all the tables. And to see the men with misty-eyes was the most telling of all…reality hit home big-time for a lot of them. Thank you for being a part of IOH!!! Sorry you had to miss it though…miss you guys!!

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