Outdoor Activity Challenge – Week 9

I think we can put to the end of the Fall activities.  The leaves have all fallen off the trees and are now buried under snow.  Christmas lights are popping up everywhere, Santa is in the malls, and we even saw a Christmas tree in someone’s front window.  It does not matter that it is still officially autumn, winter has taken control and there is no looking back.  This is no reason not to continue the outdoor activity challenge however as even though we may not be lining up for the ski lifts but we are certainly going to spending a fair bit of time outside.

This week we had an easy choice for an activity.  We were deciding what to do the next day when I noticed something happening outside.  It was dark and the kids hadn’t noticed so I decided to make it a big surprise.  I told them to go to the kitchen and gather by the sliding glass door that leads out to the deck.  We then turned out the lights in the house and instantly flipped on the deck lights.  There was a collective gasp before one of them yelled out:  It’s snowing!!!!!.  I knew that snow was a big deal for kids but the excitement for a few frozen flakes was incredible.  It was fun to see their excitement but in hindsight it may not have been the best thing to show them just before bedtime.

There was no way that for our activity to include anything but playing in the snow.  We didn’t have the biggest snowfall but the kids did not care.  Since then we have had more snow fall and have spent a fair bit of time playing outside.  There is nothing special or unique about this outing but it just may be the kids favourite, and we did not even have to leave our backyard.

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