Geocache Diet – Day 103

Even for a quiet shy fellow it is nice to be noticed once in a while.  When you are doing a weight loss challenge around geocaching, it is very nice to be noticed by the group who run geocaching.  It was fantastic when we received an e-mail from the fine folks at Groundspeak/ to express an interest in what I… Read more →

Geocache Diet – Day 98

I am making a few tweaks to the Geocache Diet to make it more efficient.  The main change is that I have relaxed my rule where I can only count the distance walked while geocaching.  In order to walk 2500km in the year it means that I have to average around 7km each and every day.   My daily geocaching routine currently involves driving to… Read more →

Surviving Terrible Twos (Times Two)

We have a serious case of the terrible two blues.  Our inefficient, over sensitive, and emotionally fragile twins are taking over the house and it is starting to get out of hand.  Our older daughter, now 5, never really went through the terrible twos.  Sure there were some challenges but nothing like this.  The twins have now realized that they… Read more →

Geocache Diet – Day 94

278 Geocaches Found – 634km on foot – 24lbs lost! Some more thoughts and observations along the geocaching trail: Walking in the rain when you are feeling good is the best.  You can really push yourself without getting too hot and when you return all wet and muddy you feel like you accomplished something.  When you walk in the rain… Read more →

Earth Day Birthday Party Activity

Yesterday was Annika’s birthday party.  We were so lucky to have the nicest day in the last little while considering what we had planned for the party activities.  The weather was sunny and warm and the kids hardly came in the house at all; perfect.  They ran around the backyard and played with the outside toys and did their craft… Read more →

Geocache Diet – Day 90

268 Geocaches Found – 608km on foot – 24lbs lost! I have been struggling with my diet lately even though I have been trying very hard to lose weight.  The exercise portion of the geocache diet is going very well and I am feeling a lot more fit then I was when I started.  My problem lies in the kitchen… Read more →

Utilizing Old Gardening Magazines

In early March we went to Victoria for spring break and it was beautiful.  We had a great time and after being around the all the nice flowers and gardens I started to get excited about planting our garden.  My Mother-in-law had been cleaning up her basement and found a whole bunch of old and new Gardening magazines that were offered to me.  When Martin… Read more →