Geocache Diet – Day 60

197 Geocaches Found – 404km on foot – 21lbs lost! Two months into the Geocache Diet and I thought I would provide some more random thoughts from the Geocaching weight loss trail. I am torn about my feelings about walking in the forest while it is raining.  On one hand you get all muddy and wet which always lifts my spirits… Read more →

Geocache Diet – Day 57

I am eight weeks into the Geocache cache diet and things are going pretty good.  As a reward to myself I thought I would look at some statistics (math makes me happy). I have lost 21lbs and although I know I could be closer to my goal at this point I am OK with this amount (nothing I can do… Read more →

Geocache Diet – Day 54

A trip down Vancouver Island to visit our parents resulted with Lisa and I having a few days to ourselves and we took advantage of it:  Boy did we ever!!  We left early each day and returned late while we walked, shopped, ate, and geocached.  In first two days alone we walked over 20km and found 23 geocaches.  Most importantly… Read more →

Our Struggles With Infertility

Last week the Calgary Regional Fertility Program held their annual Images of Hope Fundraiser.  We participated by submitting the following story and photograph.  The Generations of Hope website states their mission as: Through the Generations of Hope Fertility Assistance Fund, patients for whom IVF treatment is a challenging financial option can receive support for treatment at the Regional Fertility Program… Read more →

Geocache Diet – Day 50

When we lived in Calgary I did not see too many people who went for walks.  There were people on the trails on nice days but not in the quantities I would expect for a city that size.  If I went down by the river I would see a lot of joggers but that was for pure exercise.  Now that… Read more →

We are NOT raising Princesses

“What are you doing?!!?”  I screamed to my parents as Annika opened ‘The Little Mermaid’ DVD one Christmas.  ‘This is a Princess movie you fools!!!’  OK, so I did not scream at my parents but I wanted to.  In hindsight I may have over-reacted a little as Annika has now watched ‘The Little Mermaid’ many times as well as ‘Cinderella,… Read more →