Geocache Diet – Day 29

Last night I was watching the woman’s moguls at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and saw the poor competitors trying to cope with the rain and wind.   Those were the same west coast conditions that I have been geocaching in the past few days.  It has been wet, real wet, and windy enough to blow down a tree around 100m from the… Read more →

Slow Parenting Grandparents Style

When I do arts and crafts with our kids I cannot help but think about times I spent with my grandparents.  When I was growing up my brother and I would go to my Grandmothers’ and Grandfathers’ house for the weekend and we would always seem to do a lot of different arts and crafts projects.  My Grandma was a very… Read more →

Geocache Diet – Day 26

Here are some random thoughts and observations of the past 3 weeks of geocaching that do not fit as a standalone blog.  We should encourage our general public to use trails as a way to stay in shape and care needs to be taken to present these trails in a positive manner.  I was out hiking the other day and… Read more →

Humane Education – A Great Idea

This link I came across today really caught my eye.  Humane Education is teaching a child to be kind to animals so that they will learn to be compassionate in all aspects of their lives.  This article claims that humane education reduces violence in teens and adults and teaches respect and empathy.  If you don’t have a pet of your… Read more →

Mealtime is Family Time

Last night we gave the kids a special treat; we let them watch a movie while eating dinner.  I know!  We are crazy and reckless parents!  Even though it seems commonplace these days I don’t know how long it has been since we watched TV during mealtime.  It used to be an everyday occurrence before we had kids. Mealtime with young kids can be… Read more →

Geocache Diet – Day 23

932 Geocaches – 2346 km on foot – 88lbs – 342 Days! The geocache diet has gone global.  I have to thank the fine folks at the who were kind enough to mention the geocache diet on their Feb 7 geocaching podcast.  I was introduced to just recently by local geocacher coast2coast2coast, the same person who secretly sent… Read more →

Geocaching Diet – Day 22

938 Geocaches – 2355 km on foot – 88lbs – 343 Days! I had my third weigh-in this morning and unfortunately I was not able to repeat the 6 lbs lost last week.  I am only down 2 lbs since the last weigh-in for a total weight loss of 12lbs in 3 weeks.  I know I only have to average… Read more →

Chinese Paper Lanterns with Hearts

This year on February 14 we get two special days in one!  What do we do with our kids for Valentines Day and Chinese New Year?  We make crafts of course and since they land on the same day why not make a Chinese/heart themed craft.  Cut out hearts with chinese characters was too obvious and cinnamon heart filled won tons didn’t turn… Read more →

Geocache Diet – Day 20

945 Geocaches – 2367 km on foot – 90lbs – 345 Days! As I progress along the geocache diet I have been thinking a lot of how I got so heavy in the first place.  There is a simple answer to why I gained the weight.  I ate too much and I exercised too little.  In the past 10 years… Read more →

Should We Stop Eating Basa?

Lately we have been questioning our food choices.  It is widely advertised that eating fish is a part of a healthy diet and in our grocery stores one of the best deals on fish is Basa.  We have made the decision not to eat Basa (a type of Catfish) anymore.  We had already made the decision to not eat imported seafood, and only… Read more →