Geocache Diet – Day 124 – Geocaching Movies I Would Like To See

Did you know there was a movie that features Geocaching?  It is true. Ok, maybe it isn’t a summer blockbuster or an Academy award nominee but it is an actual movie nonetheless.  Splinterheads is about an unmotivated young slacker who becomes infatuated by a girl who works in a travelling carnival who unleashes her trapped adventurous spirit through geocaching.  This teenage… Read more →

What Makes Someone a Real Geocacher?

Like any activity, especially one that has so much variety within the activity itself, geocaching has some good natured snobbery associated with it.  There are many definitions of what makes someone a ‘real’ geocacher and what ‘real’ geocaching is.  Here are some of the opinions I have encountered. A real Geocacher is: Someone who has found a lot of caches. … Read more →

Herbal Tea Blends from Your Garden

I do like a nice cup of tea… and then another.  Drinking a lot of tea seems to run in my family but I am not sure if any of them have ever made their own.     I think making my own tea blends from ingredients found in my garden we be fun and rewarding and another great way to enjoy my gardens bounty. You do not need… Read more →

Geocache Diet – Day 113

I need to make sure I am sticking to the diet I want to follow.  As outlined in the Geocache Diet – Day 81 we are using Asian and Meditteranian diets as the base for our healthier long term eating plan.  I decided that I should put my desired menu for the next 7 days into a blog and try to follow it closely… Read more →

How to Make a Bird Nest Ball

The other day I was a the garden supply store and I came across bird nest balls for helping your backyard bird friends gather building materials to make their nests.  I thought to myself that this was a great idea for a craft I can do with the kids.  The store was changing $7 per ball!  I wonder if someone will… Read more →

Geocache Diet – Day 110

Annika has been joining me on more geocaching days lately and there is now a noticeable change in the way she views the activity.  In the past when Annika joined me geocaching we always had fun but she never really got too involved as she was constantly being distracted by puddles, bugs, leaves, and other things you may find on the… Read more →

Earth Day Everyday

Earth Day came and went this year and we heard of many great environmental conscious acts that people did special for that day.  Us at did not do anything different on Earth Day, we just did a bunch of stuff that we have incorporated into our everyday lives.  Since our move we are trying to make decisions appropriate for Earth Day every day… Read more →

Terrible Twos Will Travel

Lately we have been talking a lot about the terrible twos since this life phase has been front and center in our daily lives.  First I wrote – Terrible twos times two – where we introduced the struggles and then Lisa wrote – Staying Calm and Low Stress – Ya Right – which looks at the emotional impact of dealing… Read more →

Geocache Diet – Day 107

  This month Geocaching is celebrating its 10thAnniversary and I only have one question:  Why did it take me so long to find out about this?  I learned about geocaching about a year ago and I found my first geocache only 11 months ago as geocaching was heading into its 10thyear of existence.  I thought I was pretty aware of… Read more →

Goat Farm with Kids

We had one of the quintessential spring outings with the kids last week.  We went to visit a small farm that belongs to my cousin in Fanny Bay, BC.  They call themselves Snapdragon Dairy.  Here are a few links describing what they do.  One from Infocus Magazine and one from Eyes On BC.  We didn’t have any crazy things happen… Read more →