Pests in our Garden

We have had an interesting spring for pests in our garden.  We have a lot of bugs (to keep Annika busy and happy) but there are a couple big pests that have been more notable.  It is hard for me to call these creatures pests, we do live in their environment after all, but they are causing some havoc in our garden and I have a hard time feeling sorry for them.  The most annoying of these two ‘pests’ have been the raccoons, probably because they cost us money every time they wreck something.   We have a racoon nest just over our fence at the back of our property in our neighbours yard.  These raccoons have babies and those little ones have to eat something, so on two occasions they devastated our fish pond.

The first time they struck our pond was early in the spring and we had just replaced the goldfish that didn’t make it through the winter and put in a new beautiful plant, a Marsh Marigold.  I was hoping that this plant would grow back although I just found out it’s poisonous so maybe it’s good that it’s gone.  We have a heavy cover for the pond, meant to keep raccoons and kids out, but the raccoons moved the rocks from around the pond, went under the heavy mesh cover, and went right into the water.  They took three of our six fish.

The second attack happened after the neighbour across the street had just given us three more fish and a new plant.  Our neighbours were removing their fish pond partly because of their dog and also because they had had enough of the raccoon problem.  Once again plants were in shreds and this time there were no fish to be seen at all. Now the dilemma we face is should be try again with the fish and take Annika back to the store to buy more ‘Aneekas’ and ‘Brydas’  (she always names them the same thing: We did have a Mr. Orange at one point but he was big and probably made a good meal for those baby raccoons).  Maybe we should replace the pond with more garden instead.

Our other pests we have right now are crows.  They seem to be hanging around the backyard, in the garden, and compost area.  The crows sit up in the trees and squawk while trying to drop pine cones and small branches on us.  I was dive-bombed by a crow when I was in high school so I am a little afraid they might go after the kids.  Bryce and Jada are at a vulnerable age where they might end up scared for life if that happened.  They also can get into garbage cans and make a mess of things if we are not careful.  Annika and I strung up some tin-foil and metal pie plates yesterday afternoon hoping that might discourage them from hanging around our yard.  We will see if that does the trick.  Due to an unusual amount of rain lately we haven’t been out in the yard much over the past few weeks but once the kids are out every day I’m sure the raccoons and crows will go find somewhere quieter to live.  We shouldn’t complain too much I guess because at least we have yet to encounter an even less desirable pest that lives in our area:  Rats.

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