Planting Seeds With Small Children

Bring out the pots, seeds, dirt, water, and head outside.  This sounds like a lot of fun for kids, which it was.  For me it was a trying activity.  OK, maybe planting seeds with 3 kids under 5 was a bit ambitious, but I wanted to get them involved with gardening from the start.  I probably knew that it would end in tears, most involved activity usually contains a couple dramatic moments, but I persisted.  My mistake was trying to do all the planned seeding with the kids as the first tray went very well before frustrations kicked in.  In fact I think I will tell this story just focusing on the first tray.   It is a much better story if I end there.

It is always nice to see all the kids getting involved in an activity.  They all helped filling the pots with dirt and they took turns putting the seeds into the soil.  Sure the size of some of the seeds were far too small for them to pick them up without them landing everywhere.  Annika, being the oldest, was better at it then the twins, but still we may have lots of lettuce and who knows what coming up in the cracks of the patio stones near where the planting took place.

Jada really got into the spirit of seeding so she thought she would plant a tree.  While my back was turned she picked up a pine cone and then stuck it into one of the empty pots.  We won’t tell Jada that her planting attempt wouldn’t really grow a tree, but it was very cute all the same.  I think the lesson of seeding was really understood by her, because to a child of two years sticking a pine cone in dirt should grow a tree.  I don’t know, but I’d like to think she is a junior ‘green thumb’.  Planting seeds with kids sure is a great activity.

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