Play Time on the Geocache Diet – Day 356

What is the best part about Christmas now that we have kids?  We get to play with new toys.  Kids need play.  They learn through play.  So does that mean when we grow up we change so much that we should stop playing?  What fun would that be?  Adults need to play too.

When I started the geocache diet almost a year ago I called it an exercise challenge.  I was determined to add daily exercise into my routine and I thought geocaching would be a good motivator to do so.  By calling it exercise it seemed to give my challenge a more mature purpose, more adult like, but it also sounded labour intensive and dull.  What the geocache diet really involved was a whole lot of playing.  This is not exercise; it is a game.  A game that can provide the benefits of exercise.  This challenge has not been a chore at all and far from dull.  It has been a blast and got me thinking…why on earth did I ever cut out playtime from my daily routine?

Geocaching is a ridiculous activity; it really is.  A grown man should not be playing in the woods looking for a plastic box full of cheap toys.  It sounds like I have gone off the deep end.  I have heard many people say that Geocaching is a great activity for kids.  It gets them off the couch and outdoors where they should be learning and playing.  Kids need to play and be active and geocaching is a wonderful complement to other activities.   Geocaching seems perfectly geared towards kids (treasure hunt) and it can be easy enough for kids to grab the GPSr and find a cache on their own.  Sometimes child’s play can become extremely popular for adults of all ages.  Adults play the game essentially the same way as kids do and are not ashamed to do so.  Geocaching is a way to rediscover the pure joy of going outside to play.  Sure many of the harder caches, including the puzzles, are geared towards adults but essentially it is a treasure hunt in the woods.   When I look at our kids and what they think is fun I have come to realize that my personality really has not changed that much.  Even though I have matured I am pretty much the same person as I was when I was a child and I love to play.

So is the geocache diet an exercise challenge or a simply an excuse to play more?  I was exercising by playing.  I also challenged myself with puzzles, navigational dilemmas, and difficult terrain in places I have never been before.  I can say that this exercise was not only fun but educational.  I love the fact that when I take my kids out playing they seem to get so much out of it.  I discovered that a simple exercise challenge based around play can also have the same affect for mature, sophisticated adults.  Adults who also like to play with kids toys.

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    Hi Martin and Lisa,
    I’m so impressed with your Family Navigation site. I love reading the articles and browsing through the photos you post. Lots of good information and thoughtful observations on life. Plus awesome graphics and overall design. Yep. I’m impressed. Keep up the good work.

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