Potential Population Crisis in Australia?

Lyndal Curtis of ABC News in Australia (Link) tells of political reaction to a recent report that the population of Australia will boom to 35 million in 40 years time.  There are so many tangents that can be discussed with kids on this news story.  Australia is one of the most sparsly populated countries on earth and 35 million people in the 6th largest country by area, compared to the rest of the world, still makes it an empty country.  Yet Australia is one of the driest countries so food and water is a concern, especially with global warming.  How much is this is relevant concerns or how much is politicains playing on peoples fears to change views on immigration policies.  This is a touchy subject when talking about western nations policies regarding imigration, but there is much to be learned.  There are many points of view and this is a good subject to try an explore different sides of an argument.

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