Proud of Being Frugal

Hello……….my name is Martin……..and I’m………………..umm……….frugal.  There it is.  It’s all out in the open.  I AM FRUGAL.  I am not ashamed anymore………….I’m free!!!!!

Actually I was never ashamed of being frugal, in fact I have always been proud of my thriftiness.  However my accomplishments in frugality were never received with the appreciation I expected.  Being called cheap is not usually a compliment.  Being monetarily responsible just does not have the value in our society it should.  Stinginess should not be mocked.  Oh but things are changing.  We are in a recession now and my talents are being recognized.  Well at least I think they should be.

Having control of your spending gives you power and freedom.  I graduated from University debt free, which allowed some extra time for self-exploration.  A year after graduation I got married (to another frugalite) and left on a 14-month honeymoon.  Working before leaving and working a little bit while away (more for a break than anything: working to get a rest from travelling – funny but true) provided enough money for the entire trip as we arrived home debt free.  Now in family mode our budgeting has allowed us to be a family of five on one income and we are still saving money.  We do have a mortgage but it is very manageable.  We are also in a position to look towards self-employment without worrying about getting too far in debt.  We are in control.

Controlled spenders may be a better way to describe us.   We are not averse to spending.  It is not like you can find us every evening in the dark wearing 12 sweaters to keep warm, eating dry crackers and drinking rainwater – at least not every evening.  We are consumers but it is limited to things that have value to us.  This is the key.  Why not spend your hard earned money on what you value the most (this will be explored in detail in future posts).  For us we do not value top end clothes or a new car as much as others may.  A big screen high def TV will probably get to the top of our list one day but right now there are too many things we would rather spend our money on.  As discussed in other blogs we are in the process of a move and a lifestyle change so all our energy and money, is going to that, but once settled we would love to do some travelling and get a family boat among other fun things.

We have some pretty lofty goals but if our track record is any indication, we can live our lives the way we want and have everything we really need.  So go ahead, call me frugal.  I will say thank you.

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