Puzzling Times on the Geocache Diet – Day 315

I am not sure if I am a puzzle person or not.  I am certainly puzzling but what I mean is, I am not sure if I like doing puzzles or not.  I don’t think I am very good at them and I just seem to get frustrated while doing them.  When I solve a tough puzzle however, the feeling is tough to beat.  This is the same when I am geocaching.  I am not sure if I like puzzle caches when I am doing them but if I end up solving the puzzle and finding the cache they usually end up on my favourites list.  I think the best part about doing a puzzle geocache is that eventually I will end up going outside.  While I still have to figure out if I like doing puzzle caches I now know that I do like hiding them.

The FamilyNavigation team has now has 17 active geocaches hidden near home and 7 of them are caches where you have to do some work before you figure out the final hiding spot.  The other 10 caches we have hidden are traditional caches but I can see a time where the more complicated ones outnumber the standard go to caches.  I don’t think our puzzles are too hard but I at least hope they are fun.  We have not created the best caches in town but I think we are heading in the right direction. As we get more experienced as cachers I can see our hides getting even more interesting.  After hiding a few puzzle caches I now have a real appreciation of just how much work is being put into some of the more involved caches.

Our first puzzle cache we hid may just be my favourite even though it is not much of a puzzle at all.  In Comox Wandering we lead people through town where they gather numbers that help them calculate the final hiding spot.  I like this one because these are the types that suit me the best.  I love wandering through towns and with this cache I get to show people some spots in my new home town.  The next puzzle was Gotta Love the Valley which I thought was easy but it has tripped up a lot of people and not many have found it.  In this cache there are lots to distract the solver.  The next one is not really a puzzle but a night cache.  In A-Maze-ing Night you follow reflectors to find the cache.  We won the reflectors at an event and thought it would be fun to hide a night cache nearby.

This week we released a  four cache series based on world related puzzles.  The first three caches in the Global Puzzle Series require solving puzzles before hitting the trail and the fourth uses clues discovered in the other three caches.  These were a lot of fun to create and I hope people enjoy them.

Most of these caches were thought up while out walking the local trails.  I think of a lot of things while walking, including geocaching.  I thought up the idea for global puzzle #2 a long time ago but thought about doing it with pictures like I did global puzzle #1.  Eventually the idea split and I thought of making them two stages of the same cache.  I finally got around to hiding the cache and I found a great spot when I realized that this would be a good area for a series of caches.  After hiding what turned into being the final cache I decided to make this a series.  For some reason I thought that this series needed four caches so while walking around the marina I thought up the idea for global puzzle #3. The idea on global puzzle #4 was also part of my original large cache idea.  Once the ideas were in place I must have made another 5 return trips to the park to find the best places to hide the other 3 caches.  I like walking in this park so I think it took me so long so I could have an excuse to return.

The puzzle series was released on Friday evening and it was fun reading the logs of the three teams that were running around the maze of trails, in the dark, in the snow.  It sounded like a lot of fun actually and it was tempting to grab a flashlight and join in.  Congrats to everyone who has solved the puzzles.

Things are going OK on the geocache diet.  I have not been on the scale for a while and I do not plan to weigh myself until December.  At this time I just want to concentrate on eating well and exercising.  I am finding the lack of sunlight difficult to get out because I still do not like caching in the dark alone.

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