Random Notes and Thoughts from FamilyNavigation

Here are some tidbits of wisdom and recent happenings from the FamilyNavigation crew.

We have our first bone break.  And the winner is…Jada!!!!  Lisa is so proud of her little girl following in her fragile mothers footprints.  She was my choice in the pool.  Just a little green-stick fracture and she is fine but will wear a splint for a few weeks.  She is already a pro at milking this for all that it is worth.

Kids can really ruin a good song.  It is fun when we discover a new song to play it for the family but when the kids like a song they take ownership of it and it is a real challenge to turn it off or play something else.  I have stored away a few gems for my enjoyment only.

Is it just us or has there been a real drop in educating kids about proper bicycle safety? 

Farms have to be the best place to take kids for an outing.  Bryce’s favourite game when we went to the pumpkin patch was chicken chase.  That is going to be one healthy, and tasty, free run chicken.

You know we have a delicate child when Dora the Explorer is too scary.  Jada runs screaming from the TV every time the grumpy old troll jumps from under the bridge.

Yes we do let the kids watch a DVD once in a while.  We do not have cable but we use the library as a source for DVD’s.  Sometimes we just need some silence to get some housework done.  My concern with TV is when it becomes relied on too much.  

We have gone almost 6 months without cable and it has been great.  We have saved over $200 and we are still watching our favourite shows.  I watch some TV at night when I cook or clean up the kitchen.  Watching online is great because there are far less commercials and I can watch when I want to.

We are on loose tooth watch again.  Very exciting!!!

We do not know what the kids will wear for Halloween yet and we probably will not know until that night.  We are not worries you see as Lisa seems to have bought up every costume in every thrift store so the kids just have to go down to our costume trunk and pick out what they want.  We have a real animal theme with a dog, pig, tiger, dinosaur, and unicorn.  Throw in a couple fairies, a princess, and a couple clowns and it is safe to say that we should be ready to go.  I want to dress up as a grumpy old troll but Lisa thinks that it would not be a good idea.

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

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